Friday, December 31, 2004

Dei adangu da!

Story, Screenplay T.R.Silambarasan. Could not help rolling on the floor and laughing at this after seeing "A Film by Maniratnam" just yesterday at the end of Nayagan.

I had this taken this decision to not watch any Simbhu movie all my life. Unfortunately this had to be broken on the last day of 2004. *sobs*. But I found this a much better option than starting off a New Year with a Simbhu movie! :)

Even when people were all praises for Manmadhan, I had absolutely no urge to watch the movie. Money is the root of all evil, they say, I agree. That's why I had to watch this movie - did not want to waste thirty bucks! Thought a lot before risking it. Then I realised that I had watched movies like Dunston Checks In, King Kong, Durga, Thai Poosam etc etc. Partiality is something I hate. So, I thought I could watch a Simbhu movie too.

It is a watchable movie if you take away all logic and reasoning from your mind. As usual Simbhu thulli irukaan, but its comparitively less. Acted decent in a couple of scenes. "Lollu Sabha" Santhanam was hilarious with his nakkal. But one scene which made me roll on the floor and laugh - a college student teaches his classmates how to put FLAMES!! Some ten minutes of the movie is utilised for this! Man, infact, this is thing which inspired me to post about the movie. Actually that guy puts FLAMES between Ajith Kumar and Shalini and proves that they end up with M - Marriage! :))

Vijay kabbadi aadina Simbhu FLAMES aadanuma?! Next film-la Name Place Animal Things solli tharaadha varaikkum seri :)

I ended up feeling jealous of Simbhu. Mandira Bedi, Yaana Gupta, Sindhu Dhulani...hmm..idhu dhaan machcham!

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