Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Idiotic Idioms and Clumsy Clauses

In this dog-eat-dog world, just a B.E. is no good. Initially I had this passion to go abroad, but then only recently did I realise that I was barking up the wrong tree and so I changed horses. Goal Redifined : Get into IIM. Now that I am clear, I want to go the whole hog. So there I was, enrolling myself for CAT classes at IMS. But todays English class just got my goat.


Probably you were all wondering what's happened to me. No, I am perfectly fine. Not been influenced by Animal Planet or Blue Cross in any manner. No, not a fan of Simbhu or Vijaykant for sure. But those were just some of the things I learnt in class today - Idioms.

I just went through my schedule today - Idioms and Clauses. Haven't I heard these terms before? Yup, in school. But hey, I don't even remember what was taught in college! Went to class with full vigour - am gonna learn a lot today. A pretty lady (or was she a girl??) walked in..err..our teacher she said. Flashes in my mind - Aww am I gonna learn a lot today? Just reassured myself. Yeah, I am gonna learn what Idioms and Clauses are.

The class started off just fine. I could feel a sense of satisfaction already. I was wondering what a wonderful language English is and how beautifully one could express his thoughts. (Sighs of disbelief eh? I really had that thought, promise!) But as the class went on, I was wondering if my hair had become like Einstein's! I could sense numerous idioms being pushed into my already clogged brain. I now started wondering why at all do we need idioms! Why don't we just put it as a "competitive world" instead of a "dog-eat-dog world"?? And "forty winks" is a "nap" it seems. My friend asked me what would happen if he had a forty winks? I just told him "ponnu seruppala adippa". Irritated! Cha...what a sad! :(

Being in this wonderful mood, I sure did learn a lot about clauses! I just sat there, irritated, and looking around to see if anything interesting was happening. Suddenly I got back all my concentration when the teacher read out a sentence from my practice material - Do you know the road leading to Pamela's house? I just did not know what we were supposed to do with that sentence. I just said to myself, "I wish I did". The next sentence was not all that interesting. So I got back to my business!

To add to all this frustration - GIRLS!! Argh..I just do not know why they are so inquisitive! "Doubt ma'm", "Can you explain this ma'm?", "Which is more appropriate here ma'm?", "How did this idiom come into being?", blah blah blah! Is it just that they WANT to think differently?? Show off?? Or do they have this god given (he really should take it away!) quest to learn more?? Whatever it is, it's highly irritating especially when it's getting late. I was watching as though I was in a Tennis Court. All I could say was, "No no no bad words, mummy paavam!"

So happy I was to step out and get a breath of fresh air. The air was fresher since the class is at Stella Maris! :)

Subject, predicate, object, subordinate clause, adjective clause, noun clause, adverb clause, idioms..arghh..you know what, English sucks! Atleast for the time being I hate English..not the teacher though. She could not do much handling such a subject! :)


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