Monday, December 27, 2004

Loaded in to the Blog World...

Well, how do I put it. Do I say here with a bang? Or do i say here amidst chaos? On the very day I decided that I am gonna start a blog mother nature was furious! Was she spitting out all her fury? Err...ok, too many questions for a starter :)

Am an infant in this world. The term "Blog" was Greek, Latin, Hebrew...(whatever, I don't know many languages anyways!) to me until last month. Just got the interest from a couple of my friends - Ferrari and Curses. And ofcourse I have been to Lazy Geek a few times. They say its mandatory for a blogger to have checked that out :)

So, I have just taken the Red Pill. Lets see if it changes my life in any way. Here I wish to roam unplugged, forever. Just pour out all my thoughts, no matter how crazy they are. For those who do not know me, my thoughts are invariable insane :)

It would just be apt to say.. Welcome Freaks! :)


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