Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Usefully Unplugged...

Hitting the same road again - ECR - but this time for a useful purpose.

Three kilometres from VGP, a small village called Panaiyur, affected by the Tsunamis. TRUST CHILD - an NGO had camped there to provide relief to the village devastated by these monstrous waves. Seeing an article in The Hindu, my friend had called them up to learn that they were in need of some volunteers. Thought I could join him as well. And so we collected as much clothes, utensil and whatever we could and went to that little village to see if we could be of any help.

Though we did not do anything worth mentioning, I am atleast happy that I could get to the site and see how the people were affected.

Why am I blogging this? Well, I don't do many useful things...So such incidents are meant to be blogged!


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