Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'm outtie!!

Exams are finally over. Have been stressed out due to a number of factors. Factors other than exams, which I shall not write about. So why am I saying it if am not gonna write about it? To confuse you :-D

Did my exams pretty well considering the fact that I had to sit in a furnace and write it! Not well for a couple of exams and I was out of my senses while writing some answers...I started interchanging the points for a couple of answers, when suddenly I realised something was wrong and woke up :-D

Okie, am collecting lotsa kutti stuff in this post...


How about a bloggers meet in Chennai? Prabhu and Vani, two busy aapeesars are in Chennai. (Psst Vani...unnai ellam busy sonnathukku enakku nichayama treat vaenum!)

Prabhu had called up yesterday and he has an extremely tight schedule here. So he said he would try to squeeze in atleast for a small meet. How about you guys? Anybody interested?

My cell has currently gone out of the validity period and so is lying useless, so drop things into the comment box! Thought of giving Curses' number, but then you could call up and say just a yes or no. Conversations, especially if it's about the route, are strictly prohibited :-)

Any date after the 29th of May is good for me, coz before that I'll be outta town :-)

And here are details about another bloggers meet. On the 22nd of May. Ennala vara mudiyaathu :-(


Wanted to change this template for quite some. Though I love the black background, people say it's diffcult to read etc. Any suggestion about that?

And sidebars on two sides? Ok-va? Not ok-va?

Thees ees cushtomer feedback :-D


Viduthalai viduthalai viduthalai from Chennai heat today. A ten day tour covering Delhi-Simla-Kulu-Manali-Agra. Will be back on the 29th.

Any bloggers in the Manali region? If so, lets meet up. Come to malai uchi dressed in manja pant, pachai sattai, monkey cap and say "Manali-la ottagathukku kuliraatha?". You can identify me by my innocent face which speaks a lot about me! Good boy me!

Seeya guys! :-)

P.S. : I'm outtie copyrights to Kay. But I took the right to copy :-)

P.P.S : Me not able to visit this blog! Tagboard never loads!! What is the prechanai??


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