Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Away From Home

Being away from home is one of the most bugging things in life, barring the case of honeymoon ofcourse. It gives you so many things to take care of; responsibilities you'd be proud if your child had, but really not interested in having them yourself. It is said that it transforms a boy into a man. But for people like me, who've already been through this transformation and all geared up even for a honeymoon, it doesn't really matter

Language is a small barrier, not because I do not know Hindi. I infact know Hindi very well, the only problem being that the people here do not know the Hindi that I know! I know numbers from Ek to Therah (thanks to the song from Tehzab), then I know Bhaiyya, then I know the all important Thoda Thoda Maalum and Mujhe Hindi Nahi Maalum which I use based on the Hindi proficiency of the person I am talkin to, and I also know a bunch of expletives which play a vital role while interacting with my friends here. Honestly, I can understand Hindi very well provided it is spoken at the speed of Ooty toy train. Whether I learn to speak Hindi fluently or not I've started teaching them Tamil! They find Tamil funny. Chumma means kiss-aam. Idhula avungalukku enna avalo sandhoshamo therila. Namma oorla kooda dhaan Hotha (H silent)-ku vaera meaning. Idhellam jagajam dhaaney?!

Bachelors hostel rooms are generally pathetic, giving the picture of a slum dwelling (minus the colour TV if you were thinking of a slum area from Tamil Nadu). But here, they are super well maintained. Though the bathrooms are common, we generally do not face a problem since Arjun Singh has not yet introduced reservations in this segment. If that happens, I'll have to keep one leg outside while taking bath I believe. And then one washing machine per floor, which 25 of us use till the coil burns

It is supposed to be rainy season here in Mumbai. It was infact raining heavily when I landed here (nallavanga irukkara edathula ellam mazhai peyyumaam, so no wonder) and continued to do so for a week, after which the meteorological department played spolisport. They predicted extremely heavy rainfall here from the 6th of June. The rains stopped on the night of 5th June. Since then, the sun has been shining brightly as if the heads of thousands of Deve Gowdas are being used as reflectors here. I strongly recommend the Government to stop investing the money in Met Dept and instead start a matchmaking (not sivakasi theepetti match) forum which would be a lot more profitable. Or it can even be used for other useful purposes like teaching Arjun Singh simple mathematics - percentages in particular. I mean, the forecasting is so bad that it stops raining even during monsoon! Namma sattelites ellam what doing? Seriya dhaan irukka? Or Baakistan Deeviravathigal hack pannitaangala?? I am going to try scribbling INSAT 1A, INSAT 1B etc on Saneeswaran kovil sevuru to help them function properly. Edho nammaala mudinjathu.

Food here is terribly monotnous! Though we get chapathi with different side dishes everyday, for rice its always one pichakaara dhaal! For morning breakfast I have a technologically advanced Idly which reverses the irreversible process of steaming and becomes dough again. Colour plays a vital role in helping me distinguish between Sambhar and Payasam. The left over Sambhar can be used as Manja Thanni for aththai ponnus to pour on mama payyans, without requiring any dilution. Diabetic patients are generally requested to avoid eating Dosa in Andheri area. Even milagu appalam tastes like our ulunthu appalam! I guess chilli powders are used only on the eve teasers here. My tonugue thus has RIP embossed on it, and I have resorted to the only possible alternative of asking mom to send parppu podi

Girls are one of the main reasons people do not wish to leave Mumbai! Being from down south, I was under the impression that girls always prefer to wear churidhaars. But there seems to be a blanket ban on such costumes in Mumbai. So far I have seen girls only in T-Shirts, that too ones which are a couple of sizes smaller! Also, "sleeveless" here means "nearly topless" for most, which is nothing but our Sudermani banian in Tamilnadu. Theatres like Jothi and Pilot are thus of no necessity here. Since we have a B-School, Engineering College, Arts College and School in the same campus, I get to see people from all age groups and all walks of life . Edho naan nallavana irukkarthaala naan undu en velai undu-nu irukkaen....!

One thing which I miss majorly is being out of touch with whats happening around!! Reading news online is kinda irritating but I gotta get used to it I guess Inga TV nahi. TV-ey irundhaalum Gabtun movies arumai eppadi puriya veppaen ivangalukkellam?! Those of you who are still around checking this blogspace, HELP!! How do you guys stay up to date with clowns like Arjun Singh and periya thalais like Gabtun? This info me definitely need to continue blogging

Anyways amidst all these matters I do get time to study. Four years aachu padichu! I am infact known to be studious here, always in my room with my laptop it seems! Test vecha how much u getting-nu enna paathu ppl asking!! Periya insult!! In my four years of college life nobody has dared to ask me the portions even!


Those in Chennai, I hereby invite you people to THIS bloggers meet on 24th June, which I will obviously not be attending . Somebody go and eat something on my behalf and pay for it without fail! From my past experiences at bloggers meet, I advise you guys to carry some cotton with you to stuff them in your eyes coz Sandhya is expected to grace the occasion. Ava flight maadhiri. Take off-aana kaathu gaali. So you shall the take care. I don want people complaining here tommorow and suing me in case of ear bleeding


One important matter. I am the Praveen B.E. officially! Arrear vekkama 4 years. Aatha I am the pass!!

Note : Before I officially put up a "I am back" board out here, I need some vetti websites. Till then ippadi mokkai blog-a poattu bore adippaen


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