Sunday, July 09, 2006

I've begun quizzing

Things in a B-School are so different. People here are kinda intellectual and do wanna lotsa stuff other than academics. They conduct e-mail quizzes and have all quizzer of the month fundas which they believe will improve their general knowledge. But enakku general-a knowledge-ey kadayaathu! Still, I decided to attend one of these quizzes since googling was permitted But since, even googling was not of much help, this is what happened . . .

Name the 1st ISI certified product.
Bihar Telephones, certified by Institute of Statewide Ignorance as early as the birth year of Lalu.

Sania Mirza and Sunil Gavaskar were signed up as brand ambassadors by which company?
Sania for Pepsi, Yeh Dil Maange More.
Gavaskar, I don care!

In "TIPS Cassettes Industries", what does TIPS stand for?
Maybe the chairman’s initials. But then which chairman wud have initials that when read the other way reads SPIT? Whatever! Pass!

Name the biscuit brand which has the highest sales in the world.
Tiger biscuits (before Ganguly endorsed)

Name the 94 year old product created by Hakim Hafiz Abdul Majeed which translates into English as 'Soul Enlightenment".
One of them may be Lalu Prasad Yadav, which literally translates into “Sole Entertainment”. Not sure about the other.

A soap's name which reads the same backward as well?
Seriously, Liril. *claps*
The product had been positioned so well that it still remains etched in my mind. By product, I obviously mean the girl who came in it and not the soap.

Which is the largest traded e-commerce site in India?
That’s the biggest trade thing in the world! That explains the .org extension instead of a customary .gov

Name the bank endorsed by Hema Malini. (a sitter)
State Bank of India. If not, this is not a sitter!

A mega hit advertisement, 1st of its kind, created by Mudra`s high post guy who got the idea while watching a cricket match. Name the Ad.
The DHL Jumbo ad which said however big it is, we carry it or something like that. The idea might have occured during the 2003 World Cup Extra Innings 'show'.

Name the production companies floated by Shahrukh Khan.
The latest float was by the man himself, in a bath tub with rose petals. Shux...I mean, Lux!


Note 1 : This educative and informative post is dedicated to this pullankuzhal illa krishnan and and this playboy and this silent romeo for all getting placed in Infy. Congrats!! Continue working for CAT!!

Note 2 : Girls are requested not to attend Infy interviews henceforth in their own interest.

P.S. : Inga me the speak orey the inglipis and hindi . So en thamizh veena pogaama irukka naan nextu blog-u tanglish-la ezhuthalamnu irukkaen. Maramando-3 poatta yaaravathu padipeengala illa puthu movie-a launch pannanuma?

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