Sunday, November 26, 2006


You must have heard of reinventing the wheel, but ever heard of reinventing the clock? It's simple really. All it takes is a little bit of carelessness and people here already have the first movers advantage! :)

Decided to take part in some competitions before I get back to this blog, but why say no when something comes knocking? :)

Am pretty convinced that the web development was outsourced. But why choose one who doesn't know the difference between 'therapist' and 'the rapist'? Enna kodumai idhu, Saravanan? :)

To err is human. To forgive this, you must be a swine! :)

In other matters:
1) Vote asap if you find the choices convincing!
2) Chimpu speaks like lord langotti after doing all this.
3) If you interested in kavithai and other senti matters, go here since am trading foreign chocolates for visitors to that site and keeping up my vaakku :)

Ippothikku ambuttu dhaan. Next meet pannaraen :)


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