Sunday, February 18, 2007

How to become President

India is claimed to be a land of equality. To validate this claim, the Government had already taken an innovative step towards making everybody in the country equally backward. Next, it is rumoured that steps are being taken to make even the post of President reachable to the common man.

Learn how to apply . . .

1) Application Form

The application form above has been issued by the Samajwadi Party for them to evaluate the candidate whom they would be backing. Take a print out of the form, fill it up and send it to them at

If you haven't started wondering how would you e-mail a print out, the chances of your application being considered are very bright. Congrats.

2) TASMAC Challenge

Buy a quarter from your nearest TASMAC outlet and collect the letters below the bottle cap. If you succeed in forming the word 'President', you get to participate in the Guduvancheri Spelling Bee contest. If you form the word 'Amhithabbh Bachchchann', you will get the support of the Government to run for President.

Terms and Conditions Apply. This is fine print and is not supposed to be visible. If you are able to read this, call 100 and say 'Mamu, therithu ba' and you will be prostituted or prosecuted as the company deems fit.

3) SMS Contest

Send an SMS to 35007 saying "Pliss, I also the President" and you will be automatically considered. Charges Rs. 10 per message. The money collected will be donated to Shilpa Shetty Welfare Association for building a temple for her in London. Media will be given 10% of the funds to encourage them to cover the event in depth.

Disclaimer : Facts in the above post are as credible as promises in an election manifestoes. Anything which seems insulting is purely a result of possessing knowledge which is against the ideologies of this blog!

Cheers :)

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