Sunday, January 09, 2005

From dad with love

New Year has begun very well for me. I haven't taken any resolutions as such, but my dad seems to have made it a point to advice me. Argh..probably his only resolution that he is sticking on to, unfortunate for me.
It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.
My dad sure does share Aristotle's thoughts! It has been two millenniums since that had been said, and I, in 2005AD, have to suffer for it. It may be cliched to say "Avan paattukku sollitu poitaan, naan dhaan avasthai padaraen", but it can't be worded more appropriately.
I seriously can't understand the benifits of going to bed early (at 11) and getting up like a pisaasu at 5 in the morning. Vaasal thelichu kolam poda poraena? No. Maargazhi maasam chapla kattai thookittu bajanai panna poraena? No. Then why at all rise even before the Sun God?! But ofcourse, both my parents had given up their hope to wake me up long long ago. That's a big story by itself, about which I'll blog later. So I have it my way in the morning. Up at 6, not a second before, but probably a few minutes after :)
But every night, I have to listen to (or atleast pretend) a Vijaykant style lecture from my dad. I prefer to go to bed at 12. Can't help it, perhaps am a born IT professional with all the talent inborn? B.E. CSE - am already on the right track! :)
"Praveen 12-ku ellam padutha nervous weakness varumaam da"
Appo seekiram poi padu pa.
"Sleep late, don't get up in the morning, don't go to college!"
Fine with me, but nee thittuviye?
With such replies, I can see the size of the lecture already going down considerably :)
I have been like this for many many years. My mom even calls me an adutha raathiri pisaasu, but instead of getting put off, I just smile (saintly, isn't it?!). The New Year seems to have sparked off something, triggering all these advice-o-manias. Everybody is blessed with such loving and caring parents. Curses, the Veena player, is nodding in agreement I suppose :)
Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
How did Einstein know about my sufferings? He truly is a genius! :)

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