Sunday, February 27, 2005


I've finally managed to get something done on my blog. It's been long since I wanted some new sections on my blog. And without getting that done, words woudn't come out for whatever I try to write about.

I am too obsessed with this black background that there was no chance of me tweaking around with it. Green in black, me a Matrix fan. So thought, some random stuff on the sidebar would do and that's what I've managed now.

Megapixels, is where I put up arbitrary pics, updated ferquently. Decided to start off with my own pic that has invariably brought lots of cheers to whoever saw it. [ Ennai paar yogam varum donkey maadhiri nu solla varala! ] I've also added a small comment box below it which reads "Talk Me". That's got a purpose too. I'll tell you guys if the pic was taken by me. If it is, then you can (read MUST) appreciate me there no matter how the pic is. Since this the first pic it would only be decent of you people to appreciate me, no matter who took it. Thanks for the support!

Crack 'em is a section for puzzles. Got this idea from Orkut communities. Found it to be a nice timepass. So, yeah, once you work out the answers, post em in the comment box below. You may even put up a new question there after you are done answering the previous puzzles. I'll updating this as frequently as I can.

Quotes and Misquotes needs no explanation I guess. Check it out your yourself :-)

Another kutti change is to the Comments Template. You will see a new "Talk Me @ PravUnplugged" banner on top. That was designed by Magix [Nallavan, vallavan, matter therinjavan! Ennada ok-va? Nee sonnatha vida oru two words extra-va ezhuthi irukkaen! ]

Just to round off the number of changes to a nice number like 5, there is "Suggest Something". Use it to suggest anything!! I just want comments there, you may even play antakshari, but post!!

Wanted to add calendars, clocks, polls etc etc. Appuram over-a bandha pannaraen solliduveenga. So this would do for the time being I guess! :-)

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