Friday, April 29, 2005

Good Boy Me!

Saraswathi namasthubhyam, varadhey kaama roopini
Vidyarambham karishyaami, sidhir bavathumaesatha

My last blog was about Mallika Sherawat and Liz Hurley and I got a standard message in the comment box - "Go study!" What to say, I was flattered..ivalo akkarai-a en maela :-D

Another accusation - my blogs are getting adult oriented. I assure can read this problem with your children**!

So, this being exam time, is this blog appropriate? Saraswathi thalai-la ice katti vechirukkaen paarunga? Ok-va? :-)

Besides, this blog just emphasises my goody goodness. If you have the eye for it, you'll see a halo above my head. For those who have the disability to spot it, atleast look here --> Questions like "rendu rekkai irukkae angel-ku, does it mean you are a parakkavetti?" are strictly prohibited on my blog!

Just to make this post a useful one, I'll say this stuff : That my first exam was good. Damn lengthy paper. But attempted 90 marks and din make any mistakes. So good enough? :-)

So adutha exams varai kutti vetti blogs seithu vidai peruvathu....nalla pullai Praveen :-)

**Conditions apply. If your children understand what I write, you may have to think again before calling them children. They are not children, but kaedis! So the author is not responsible for kaedis!

P.S. : Please click on the image to observe the nuances! :-)

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