Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Kutti News

By kutti, I meant a small bit of news, not the Malayala kutti. That clarified first.

Mallika Sherawat's recent interview...

Interviewer : How do you feel about acting with Jackie Chan?
Mallika : I am disappointed.
Interviewer : Why??
Mallika : It is not my kind of subject. The hero shows his butt and not the heroine. That doesn't suit me.
Interviewer : Jackie Chan takes action films madam, not matter films!
Mallika : This is action too, isn't it?
Interviewer : Have you decided on your dress for the Cannes festival?
Mallika : I will order 4 kerchiefs to cover myself up.
Interviewer : 4 pieces snot enuf! You say just for jetty?
Mallika : No, no, never! You for mistake! I say full dress.

So watch out for the Cannes Film Festival. Aishwarya Rai wore a torn piece which served the purpose of a dress : exposing the intricate details! ;-) This time it is Mallika whose intricate details we already know! She may end up with body paints, watch out! :-)

All the animals are grateful to Menaka Gandhi. The cotton plant, silk worm, sheep and thankful to Mallika Sherawat :-)

Mallika has all the chances to be a bond girl. Minus the fact that she cannot act, she is a really good actress. Aish refused to lock lips and expose on screen. Mallika-ku idhu ellam illati padam pannadha thrupthiye irukkathu! Acting dhaan konjam varaathu, but thevaiyaana expressions ellam nalla varuthu! Abdul Kalam paattu kanavu kaana sollitaar, mukkalvaasi paer kanavula Mallika dhaan irukka-nu avarukku eppadi theriyum paavam! Vaazhga Mallika! Valarga avarathu samooga thondu :-)

Disclaimer : Indha extra build ellam unmai sambavangal alla! Chitharikkapattavai! :-)

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