Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I want more

Baby, white chick, have you any dress,
Yes honey, yes honey, three wardrobes full,
One for the fashion, one for my taste,
And one for the tradition that is long down the drain.

"I want more" is generally the attitude which women have when it concerns anything related to beauty. The moderate size wardrobes do no justice to the dresses, beauty products, jewels and other accessories which a girl owns. Nothing short of an abyss would actually do justice.

A girl starts filling up her wardrobe right from her childhood. (Some "modern" girls use these dresses even after they grow up) That is understandable however, a baby always wants more. It is cute then. After seven donkey years, if you still have the same practice, it is obviously more irritating than cute. One of the main reasons a guy tells his lover, "Nee kattina pudavai-oda en kooda vaa" (come with the saree u are wearing) is to avoid having a 500 sq.ft wardrobe in his 800 sq.ft. apartment. So, that is said more with fear than with magnanimity.

The way guys and girls buy dresses can be summed with ease up in one sentence. Guys buy dresses for occasions and girls create occasions to buy dresses. Even a stone age leafy costume on World Environment Day would do because its a new addition to their collection nonetheless.

"Hey new dress is it? What's special?"
Boy (beaming) : Its my birthday you see.

"Hey new dress is it? What's special?"
Girl (how could you ask me such a question?) : Ofcourse..this is second Saturday you know. Got one for tommorow too, heard its the second Sunday.

Though every girl has a mini Naidu Hall at her place, they constantly spot new designs. Ok, nobody would complain if they stopped with the spotting designs thingy. It goes without saying that shopping is due that weekend.

HEADLINES : Common Entrance Tests cancelled for the current academic year.

Mom : That newsreader wears new sarees everyday and all of them are fantastic. Wonder where she gets them.
Aunt : Yeah, last week during the Tsunami news braodcast, she wore a yellow saree with pink border. It had a zari like the one you got for your anniversary in 1905.
Sister : Amma, look at that chain she is wearing, I want one like that.

(to himself) : Bank poi paisa edukkanum. Indha maasam bonus ippadi indha Shobana Ravi-aala naasama poguthu.

Commonplace happenings eh? Its always a mini mega-serial at home even when Tsunmai strikes or WTC collapses.

Variety is the spice of life, agreed. But you girls are already spicy enough, dress doesn't matter :-)

Similarly, the make-up thingies are usually overdone. Powders, creams, lotions, lipsticks, lipglosses and a dozen other items yet to be named are an integral part of a girls' purse. Makes you wonder if make-up or make-over is the right word for the process.

Certain things for which girls go to beauty parlour really make me laugh.

Me : For what are you going there?
Girl : Bleaching and threading.
Me : Bleaching I know, they did that for toilets before all this Harpic and Domex came in...but threading?
Girl : Thats for removing these hairs. Shaping your eyebrows and stuff. They tie a knot with a thread and pull it out.
Me : Tamil-la sonna m***** pu*********?

Even the hottest of babes go to the parlour to become hotter. That's something that puzzles me.

Why do girls always have this "Yeh Dil Maange More" attitude? Is it that they never stay content with what they have? Or is it hormonal the way men and sex are inseperable? Why? Kyun? Yaen? Yaendi? Yaenulu?

The only time a girl's "I want more" attitude is fruitful is in....guys know what I mean ;-)

Disclaimer : I've described in detail about the situation and I am not complaining. Won't be complaining till I get married atleast :-) So it is just curiosity...which is probably gonna kill this cat? :-)

Note : Feel free to bash the author. Controversies and fights are encouraged :-)

Cheers :-)

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