Saturday, June 04, 2005


First, a HUUUUUGE thanks to Sudhish!! :-)

This page in The Hindu talks about young bloggers...and you should know why I am on cloud nine by now! My blog, my fun work, has been mentioned!! Ya, you knew it by the time I put up the link, but what the heck, I wanna say it out! :-)

Dog Lover Curses, Saeppu Sattai Vinod G and Aakashavani Sandhya were also mentioned.

First thing,showed it to my dad and he was like "dei, timepass-a?" coz thats what the stupid me told Sudhish when he called up a couple of days back thanks toCurses too who gave my number to Sudhish.

Boy, doesn't this sound like Miss Universe thingy minus me closing my face and talking about world peace and Mother Teresa?? I'll cut that now!

Only yesterday I was surprised to find my Mock Interview doing its rounds as a forward message (without bloody acknowledgment!) and ironical reaching me from my friend saying "Tips To Prepare For Interview"! I was like dei, enakkeva! Today I find it quoted in The Hindu. Made this already special day even better!!

Bloggers meet coming up today. Oh yeah...let me check my schedule and tell you if I can make it! ;-)



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