Monday, September 12, 2005

Seven is big!

Me was tagged by Vikki to do this tag. People usually go beserk to learn they've been tagged. I try to make the other person repent for having tagged me ! Over build up-la? Summa dhaan. Okie here starts the vetti tag . . .

7 Things You Plan to do before u die
  • Get a B.E. from Anna Univ
  • Work in a big company
  • Correct the figure in the neighbouring cabin
  • Marry her, divorce her and move to another neighbouring figure
  • Resign job when all neighbouring cabins visited
  • Become MP citing above qualifications
  • Vaasthu padi change the name of India

7 Things You Can Do
  • Kiss Aishwarya Rai
  • Hug Sania Mirza
  • Date Sharapova
  • Turn off the TV when it's Venus Vs Serena
  • Play "natural game" ;-)
  • Sing like Karthik, the actor
  • Act like Karthik, the singer

7 Things You Cant Do
  • Speak bad about Captain
  • Watch the (tennis) ball in women's tennis
  • Wash my jeans pant
  • Watch late night movies with the volume turned on
  • Apologise to Nila for biting her too hard
  • Keep count of Dada's failures
  • Look at TR and smile

7 things that attract you to the opposite sex
  • Long hair
  • Short tongue
  • Left Eyebrow
  • Right Eyelash
  • Juicy lips
  • Transparent dress &
  • Sex!

7 things u say most (suitably censored wherever applicable)
  • Loosu
  • Saniyan
  • Naaye
  • Hair
  • Sexual Intercouse
  • Person having sexual intercouse
  • Other things that are completely censored except in SJ Surya movies

7 celebrity crushes
  • Sania Mirza
  • Maria Sharapova
  • Anna Kournikova
  • Asin
  • En range-ku vaera yaarum illa, so idhoda pass
PS : I also like Mango crush and Strawberry crush

7 People I tag
  • Laloo Yadav -
  • Kris Srikkanth -
  • Captain -
  • Simbhu -
  • Amitabh Bachan -
  • Sania Mirza -
  • Sharapova -
Note : Any questions regarding the truth of the above answers shall not be entertained. They are true to the best of my limited knowledge

And yeah, next time tag koduckkarchae chinna number-a kodunga pa! Seven is big!!

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