Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pichakaara Interest Litigation

After seeing two pichakaara PILs mentioned in the last two days, I guess its apt to refer to them as Pichakaara Interest Litigation intead. One, the Mumbai Metropolitan chief talked of a PIL to prevent Tata's 1 lakh car from entering Mumbai fearing constipation, nausea, pregnancy and besides other things, traffic congestion. Two, a Congressman has filed a PIL against the film Sivaji for showing a photograph of the villain with Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh claiming that it defames national leaders. The only thing which has come out of this is the important piece of information that Congress regards them as national leaders. I just hope the government has not introduced tax benefits for filing PILs!

At this rate, what can we expect to see in future?

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The cow with yellow teeth in the Happydent Whitening advertisement has filed a PIL in the Madras High Court seeking the ban of the movie Sivaji. It claims that the director took a dig at it by portraying the bad guy with ootha pallu and insulted the entire Go Matha clan. It demands that Shankar use graphics to whiten the ootha pallus, failing which the movie must be banned. As compensation for the damage caused, it demands one year supply of kadalai punnakku and five years supply of horn paint for maattu pongal.

All donkeys in and around Chennai city have filed a PIL against Mansoor Ali Khan for using the copyrighted phrase "Ennai Paar Yogam Varum" as the title for his upcoming movie. They claim that Mansoor is trying to gain undue popularity with this move and made it clear to the world that he will not be accepted as one among their species until confirmed reports are obtained through DNA analysis. The shooting of the next Ramanarayan film has come to a halt because of this unprecedented act by the donkeys (the ones with four legs). The director is believed to be persuading Mansoor to keep a more apt title, "Ennai Paar Vandhi Varum", for his movie. Mansoor was not available for comment because nobody bothered to check his availability.

The bears in Vandalur zoo have filed a PIL against Vijaya TR stating public humiliation. They claim that ever since the release of Veerasamy, the visitors have all started singing "Varaan paaru varaan paaru Veerasamy" in front of the bear's cage which it claims is the second most humiliating thing which has happened to it. The first, ofcourse, being that it doesn't wear an undergarment. The bears demand a public clarification from Vijaya TR that he is one stage behind them in the evolution process and a disclaimer in all his films that "All characters are fictitious and any resemblences to bears are purely because I quit shaving in 9th standard."

Congressmen have filed a PIL seeking that actress Roja should change her name. They demand that because of the popular (once upon a time) actress, the phrase "Nehru Roja Vechirukkaru (nenjula)" is painting a very bad picture of a national leader. Since it is not possible now to change the habit of a person who died decades back, the Congressmen demand that Roja change her name within 24 hours.

If the politicians are so idle to think of such things, it is high time they develop a good hobby or join some summer coaching camps. Adha vittutu ippadi kaamedy keemadi pannarthu ellam thevaiya?

Disclaimer : If a work of fiction resembles facts, there is something seriously wrong with the facts :D

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