Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Gasping for breath

Message not sent this time. This is something that really gets on my nerves. Especially when it is accompanied by that horrible beep sound. [Warning : Warning tones make you feel that you are rather not wanred!]. Thanks to the congestion in the Hutch network, I have been edgy round the clock.

My best companion in recent times has been my mobile phone, Nokia 6610, a very good sign to suggest that I am pretty jobless [makes me proud for reasons unknown!]. I part with it only when I get a call from mother nature or when I find it hard to stay without taking a bath any longer. Even this is because I have assumed that it is hydrophobic. Already had to be taken care of once, when water got into the keypad and messed up the whole circuit. 650 bucks down the drain!

I look like a saint when I sit with it. My parents disagree, I believe. They give me this look which makes me feel that I am like an idichu vecha pillayaar, if you know what that means. Anyways getting back...In Ardhapadmasana or Shavasana, typing away to glory. Just two things short - a halo [asking too much, yeah!] and sacred beads. I could have very well become Mylapore's kutti saamiyaar. Am still glad though. Every saint spends some time of his life in prison, probably as part of his sanyasa. Perhaps god's way of saying, "if not in the forest eating fruits, in the jail eating something worse".

Hutchison Essar. Multinational. Attractive ads portraying eveybody from a kid to a grandpa breaking into a natural toothy grin. A cute pup which follows you wherever you go. Period. But for the past few days the network has been a total mess. The messages take a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 15 hours to reach the recipient. Only guarantee, your message reaches. Eppo poguthu, eppadi poguthu-nu yaarukkum theriyala, aana poga vaendiya nerathula correct-a poga maataenguthu! No idea why this is happening all of a sudden. Too many humans and too little dogs to follow?

Err... after the month of Margazhi, with the increase in the number of dogs, I guess Hutch would be back on track! :)


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