Thursday, February 17, 2005

A Fairy Tale

The last time I attended Maths class at IMS, my ma'm had asked me if I had done my homework. And I, being a good college student, obviously replied in negative. I don't blame her actually. If you walk in five minutes late with your study material rolled up like a newspaper, you need to tackle such questions. No matter what they ask, I just smile back and they leave me alone after that :-). So, I decided to be a goody-good boy today and decided to do the "pre-class work", as it is called.

To my frustration, today's topic was "Permutations and Combinations", something that is good enough to help my hairline recede further. With great difficulty I managed to complete the portions and went to class all happy today. But damn her, she did not ask about it! As she was explaining all the basic concepts, I spent some time drawing a portrait of her. I am no artist, but a portrait of her is the simplest thing in the world. You just need to draw a "stick diagram". Like the one in Hangman. Was done with it in a jiffy and slowly shifted my attention towards the girls in class coz I already knew what she was cribbing there; I had studied it already damnit!

The only solace seemed to be a girl who looked cuter than ever before. She is the one I usually gape at but she was extra cute today. It was probably because of the irritation I was in. Read this in whispers - I felt I wanted to go hug her tight! Munnabhai MBBS ;-)

At this moment, stepped in a fairy. I had never seen her in class all these days. No clue as to who she was and why the heavens she was stepping in, but honestly, I did not mind :-). This is definitely not love at first sight for I don't believe in all such crap. It was just the happiness that filled my heart. The excitement that I now had an alternative to admire. They say variety adds spice to life, I am with whoever the hell said it! God was smiling on me. I could smile too. The gloom and frustration seemed to have vanished. The class seemed to be interesting all of a sudden. It indeed is amazing how much a pretty girl can do to a dull class, ain't? [ As long as she keeps her mouth shut. ]

The little angel opened her mouth to ask something and my mouth opened in awe, as if they were synchronised. Some sort of heavenly bond existed, or atleast that's what I believed. "Is this the new batch ma'm?" is what that spoilt brat asked! And I could hear something explode. The decibel level was slightly high. Probably it was not just my heart that blew up. The little devil had walked into the wrong classroom. Why?? To distract me further? Before I could even catch another glimpse of her, she was gone. There I was, sitting in disbelief. All I had in front of me was this hangman, argh!

One good thing though, she was done teaching the ABCs of the chapter and we could now get to solve problems. Its a lot better to have your own sheet of paper and drown yourself in sums rather than listening to somebody teach. I don't blame them though. My ears are perhaps tuned to the lullaby frequency. Irrespective of the staff and their tone, I manage to yawn. Anyways, back to these problems...I had done them twice as fast as the others and even managed to get a ten on ten! That girl, that sweetheart, she made my day. And having finishing problems this fast, I got back to admiring the cute little thing I used to admire :-).

Just to give this a fairy tale ending... And they both [the angel and me (or) the cute lil thing and me] hopefully marry and love happily ever after...Sigh!


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