Monday, February 21, 2005

Results, at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This one was not due today. It has really been a long, gruelling wait for this semester results. There were rumours of the results being announced after Pongal. The guys then shifted it sometime around Republic Day. "Before Jan end machi, sure-a", some said. The anxiety intensified around the second week of February. Every day there used to be some jackass who announced that the results would be declared today as if he were Balaguruswamy (the wretched Vice Chancellor of Anna Univ!) himself. Sick and tired of all this, I used to greet any news about results with a middle finger. Results on 22nd February. This was the official news, put up on the University's homepage. I wanted to take out the frustration caused by these rumours one day before I got my results. But damnit! I got my results already!! Official news is no better than a rumour I guess :-)

Considering the effort I put in, my results were disappoitning to the say the least. But then I got over it pretty soon. If I were to put this in a Resume, I would describe myself as "self-motivating". But then, since none of you are going to give me a job anyways, I'd tell you the truth - "Gets distracted easily".

So I was determined to get myself distracted and went and sat in front of the TV hoping to find some funny program. Too bad for me, it was mega-serial time. Watching one scene was enough to make feel that I had lost somebody near and dear. I tried telling my parents that this is not what I needed at this time. Wait, I should say I tried, tried, tried and tried telling them. Their ears seemd to be fitted with a high pass filter (too techie I know, forgive this engineering grad!) that would let nothing other than a shrill cry from a saans or bahu to reach their ears. I was wondering if waving a hand in front of their eyes would do the trick. But something in me was telling me that I would be wasting 3.7 calories doing this and so I decided against it. They were rooted to the extent that probably even a Tsunami couldn't displace them a few inches. What good would a wave of my hand do? They'd end up thinking that there is some problem with the transmission and end up shouting at the cable operator. Poor guy, I don't want to put his life at stake.

I gave up this idea of watching TV soon for I knew pretty well that the amount of gloom spread by mega-serials was directly dependent on its proximity to prime-time. [Added to Resume as "thoughtful" and to you guys - "Gets pissed off easily"]. So, I was just lying down looking at something more interesting than what was on TV - ceiling fan in full speed. Sounds stupid, I know. But try it out all you housewives, it's a lot better than mega-serials!!

This was precisely when I got lots of phone calls and messages from people asking me about my results. I was flattered by their concern. But I did not prefer flattery at that bloody moment. Mega-serials seemed to be a lot better. Ofcourse, I had informed all my close friends earlier. But I had people who seemed to be nowhere in the picture for a good three months atleast enquiring about my results. I did not know if was I supposed to feel happy or sad! Sometimes it sure is better to be forgotten. Atleast, at this moment! I prefer to be UNPLUGGED!! :-)

Thus, I have added two things in my "To-do" list after I get my results. One, stay away from the damn TV especially if it is prime-time. Two, stay atlast a few miles away from my mobile phone. Think about something funny and weird, like say how you would adverise for Helium Mini Skirts. The very thought of such things helps you a great deal. Helium Neon Skirts help you to a greater extent though :-)

P.S. : I did take out my frustration, yeah. Just for the records, I got 70%. So I'd rather prefer a "Congratulations" than a sympathetic mega-serial kinda gloomy message. Thank you :-)

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