Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Stress Relief

If you have already had a pretty bad day, then I would suggest that you scroll straight down, see the pic, comment (!) and then get out of here pretty fast coz you wouldn't wanna see me adding on to ur woes like a mega serial. Am sorry to be one. But then, it's ok :-)

  • First, I learn from Curses that Doodle Board is no longer free :-(
  • My internet connection expired and when I went to renew my account, I found that my data transfer exceeded the permitted limit by 132 MB and I was asked to pay extra. :-(( Sania Mirza pic could have been the reason, you know...but I shouted at him and told him that I am cancelling my account!
  • I come home and realise that the telephone point in my room is not working for some weird reason. Which means no dialup!! :-(((
  • I come to an internet centre nearby and I get a P-I powered super computer with a screen resolution as high as 640X480. No scroll mouse. Even if you do scroll, u get to see your screen only as frames! :-((((

Hmm...and I learn that Sania moves into the quarters of the Dubai Open. If I only had a webcam right now, you would see me gleaming...too bad you can't! :-)

So here is....for stress relief!! :-)

Have a good day :-)

P.S. : Am planning to go for Data One. Hope my telephone works tommorow. Or else its gonna be super computer again :-)


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