Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Exam Time!!

My semester exams begin on the 29th of this month. Yeah, next week :-(

I guess you people wouldn't mind if I use this space for some revision work. Gotta see if I've got all of what I've studied in the past three years right! Nothing too complicated though, just the basics, so you may read on :-)

Semester : 3-4 months of vacation in a remote location called college.

Engineering College : A place of entertainment which must definitely not lie within the 100km radius of a city.

College Library : A huge space which has books, a librarian and a couple of flies.

College Canteen : A store-house of food items which may cause Jaundice or Typhoid depending on your luck.

Figure : Any girl who wears high heels, uses powder like pesticide, lipstick like Lakshman Rekha, speaks only in English and whose face nobody knows.

Porikki : A guy who agrees with the above definition.

Machi : A friend who either has a beautiful sister or has enough money to share in the present or future.

Less than 75% Attendance : Ineligible to write exams.

Greater than 75% Attendance : Eligible to have arrears.

Tuition Fees : Money which is unfortunately not covered by any insurance.

Exam Fees : Money spent to increase the scope of arrears.

Hall Ticket : A piece of paper which gives you the authority to stare at the question paper for 3 hrs maximum.

Exam Hall : A room where 50+ people stare at the question paper.

Unit Test : Free hour

God : Invigilator who allows you to copy.

Dog : Invigilator who doesn't allow you to copy.

Arrear : A compulsory subject from 2nd Semester.

Graveyard : Anna University

Any grade 1 bad word : Mr. Balaguruswamy, Vice-Chancellor, Anna University

Other bad words : Refers to Principal, HOD or the Lecturers depending upon the severity.

Fate : Results

The purpose of this blog is to change the fate of Curses and myself with the power of your prayers! Help us!! :-)

Sakthi ellam ondru saernthaaley...ooooooo...sorgam varum indha mann maeley..devuda devuda ezhumalai devuda, choodu da choodu da enga pakkam choodu da :-)

Update : Got my first good news already! Balaguruswamy is no longer the Vice-Chancellor!! :-)

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