Thursday, September 08, 2005


Ever noticed the ads for these toilet cleaning agents? They have certain things in common . . .

  • Every damn ad shows a toilet which would make you puke right that instant. They look centuries old, like say Mangal Pandey was using them while he was dragged outside and hanged before he could pour some water.
  • There is a lens which zooms this nasty lil thingy and voila! Micro-oragnisms are seen.
  • Some of these organisms discuss strategies to spread deadly diseases like Captain chalking out a plan to kill Bakistan Deeviravaathigal.
  • And now the bluish cleaning agent is poured . . . all the germs die as revealed by the lens which reappears.
  • This sparkling white toilet then inspires Mangal Pandey to rise from his grave to continue where he left off.

All these cliched advertising tactics are accepted. But have you ever noticed the time these ads are aired on TV? Prime time, 9:00 P.M, just when you sit in front of the TV with delicious food prepared by your mom!! Is this some awareness campaign to suggest that whatever one eats, they have to use these antique toilets which has germs scheming to attack your butt and cause AIDS?? Cha!

One particular company has roped in a celeb to go around with their "XYZ Challenge". If you have a badly stinking unusuable Mangal Pandey toilet, you just accept the celebs challenge and he'll come home and clean it for you while you sit back awestruck!! Endha madayan-oda idea-vo therila! Our Govt. can probably challenge this guy to clean all public toilets in Chennai, after which our celeb might have to be a permanent Builiding Contractor of Kaekraan Maekraan, Begreen.

This is how the ad actually goes . . .

Lady : Hai! You are the guy from Kyunki Uncle Bhi Kabhi Aunty Thee right?? Come in come in, wanna have something to eat?
Celeb : Show me the toilet!
Lady : Oh you've come for the XYZ Challenge is it?
*Me : Pinna un veetla thalai deepavali kondaadava varuvaan!!*
Celeb : Yes, what do you think about this toilet?
*Me : Mein Audience Poll use karna chaahtha hoon!*
Lady : This was built by my great grandfather, haven been cleaned ever since.
*Me : Obviously!*
Celeb : Do you think that these stains would go?
Lady : Definitely not. I've tried various methods, no use.
*Me : Bathroom poga try paneenga seri, clean panna try paneengala?*
Celeb : Ok, lets go to the challenge. Pour our XYZ liquid and wait for 15 mins. Now pour water and here you go!
Lady : Wow, evalo azhaga aagiduchu en toilet!
*Me : Toilet-la enna yezhavu azhagu vaendi kadakku??*

So if you are kinda busy with work, use the celeb to get the work done for you. Besides you'll be TV! Though there'll be a close up of you exclaiming about your clean toilet, you'll still be on TV!

Maarungada dei!

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