Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Thanks a ton people!!

Fourteen months. Hundred and twelve posts. One lakh hits. Yaayy!!

Thanks a million to all those people who've visited this space, including the guy who came her looking for "Nayanthara wet saree pics" and vowed never to come back again after he learnt from my blog that Nayan was too big to be covered in a saree; and the mami who landed her searching for guidelines to make a "Kambi Padam" for her pori urundai!

Every new blogger on the block has just two things in his mind. One, to increase the blog traffic. Two, to increase the number of comments that he gets. If you disagree, then you'd probably record 8.2 Richter in a polygraph test. The easiest way to get both done, is being a hot girl or atleast pretend to be one. I used to be spellbound by their capacity to stir up 179 comments for a "I am having loose motion" blog, that includes 150 'take cares' and 29 odd suggestions to try Andial tablet, M-seal, cork etc. Narayana, indha alanjaanunga thollai thaanga mudila da. Orey kushtamappa. Since I was neither smart enough to know this strategy earlier, nor was I rich enough for a sex change operation, I was terribly stuck up with a useless blog.

It was Google which helped me increase traffic in a strategic manner by directing people searching for "Dikkilona", "Under skirt pics", "White wet saree pics" to this blog. Though such referrers made me feel as if I was the owner of Desibaba, I was extremely happy, desibaba is a popular site nonetheless. There were people who wanted to see Trisha and Kushboo taking bath and came her with great hope. Sorry to disappoint you guys. If at all you succeed in your quest, please forward them to pravunplugged@gmail.com. Am equally keen.

The spammers deserve a mention too for earnestly offering me best deals to buy anything from golf clubs to viagra pills and simultaneously making the number of comments look more impressive. I have no idea why they thought I'd be interested in playing a game as stupid as golf. It's got the fundamentals absolutely wrong. You are supposed to put the ball in the hole asap. No wonder its dumb.

I get few mails as well, from those who are not upset with my blog, for they did not come her looking for 'Mallika Sherawat Topless'. My favourite, is a mail from a Captain fan requesting me to send nice pics of Captain Vijaykant. Whatever made him think that 'nice' pics of Captain were a possibility. I din want to disappoint him anways and so I tried to upload some pics to the Google server and send it to him. Understandably, the server crashed.

Special thanks to all those who've linked me on your space despite me being a guy. Ungalukku ellam periya manasu. Neenga ellam 16 pethu big life vaazhuveenga

I realise I've been highly dormant in the past couple of months and you guys have been visiting despite that. Adhukkum thanks!!

I've said so many thanks in this post. So let me follow the protocol and mention that Mother Teresa is my role model and I'll strive for world peace!

Thank you and keep visiting!!!


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