Thursday, January 13, 2005

Technology has improved very much

I love cell phones just like Michael Jackson loves kids..err..I mean dance. This is the second straight post which deals about mobile phones. Now, don't look at me like that. Just an interesting bit which left me wondering what else could possibly be done to make things "easier".

SCH-S310 - this is Samsung's latest model which has motion-recognition capabilities. Instead of typing using a keypad, the user just needs to write in thin air, the numbers/text which they wish to key in.

Now that sounds amazing, alright. Credit to the team. Bravo. But isn't it kinda stupid? I mean who would write in air everything he wishes to key in? To Mr.X on the street, who doesn't know that there a Samsung SCH-S310, I would look like a complete jackass. It's quite natural for him to think that I had wanted to conduct a symphony and ended up mad in the streets since I couldn't achieve my goal. Besides I'll be left with aching arms to be called a jackass after paying 20K+ for a cool development.

Technology needs to improve, no doubt. But I guess there needs to be some purpose behind whatever is done. This, who knows, may form the prototype for something else in future. But in its current form, it just seems highly stupid.

What do you say? Would you buy it? :)


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