Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Vanthutaanya Vanthutaanya!

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Finally, there is hope for the people of Tamil Nadu. The man is coming to politics. After proving himself to people with his tremendous acting perfomances on the silver screen, our Captain is now set to prove it on the political front. If he becomes the CM, then Tamil Nadu will benifit a great deal.

Bullet proof car ellam thevai irukkathu. Captain podum orange colour coat pakkathula bullet kooda nerungaathu. Appadiye nerunginaalum Captain adha alek-a dodge panniduvaaru. Kashmir laenthu Kanyakumari varaikkum theevaravaathigal-a arrest panna Captain ku security-ey thevai illa. Kaveri prechanai-a theerka, Karnataka CM-a he will meet, will meet, meet. Damil patru jaasthi. So edukesan of Kadiresan and Kumaresan will improve. Damil Thaai Vaalthu will be replaced by Karuppu dhaan enakku pudicha colouru, doi-on doi-on. Computer technology will improve at such a rapid pace that students will be taught to type in Windows Media Player. Adhukku suitable R&D will be provided.

Looking at such news, my fears are increasing. Is the prediction of Siththar that Chennai will be submerged in 2010 true? :-(

Vaalga Damil. Valarga Damil Makkal.

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