Sunday, January 23, 2005

The do's and how do you do it's

I thought, thought and thought to make this blog title correct - had to do a great deal of thinking to figure out the usage of the 's' and the apostrophe. Then decided that it doesn't matter anyways coz the title is gramatically stupid. Getting back... Management skills are indispensable for your life and thanks to something I pretty much suck at it. Last week I witnessed two Group Discussions and came to a rather pleasing conclusion that most people suck at it.

The people who take part in it can be categorised into various groups. One, people who know what they speak and do it with ease. Two, people who are convinced that sun bath and bisibelabath are something similar. Three, people disturbingly affected by the mega seials and get all excited even when somebody says that a fly can fly. Four, those with an eloquency of Vajpayee and an IQ of 27. Five, those who blissfully spectate under the rooted belief that silence is golden. There are many intellectuals as well in the fifth group. Just that they feel it's not worthy enough to strain the muscles in their mouth for this insignificant purpose.

Group I - Go ahead and try for a job. If you don't get one it means you lied. You don't belong to this group. For those in group II and III , I have nothing to say. I do not have any hopes that a brain that has not developed in a span of 20 years is going to get any better in a couple of years. Five in the mind, four in the hand calculations suit you better. Cheers. Group IV - you have every chance of ruling a democratic nation like India. Good Luck. And the few others who were blessed to be in Group V may read on...

[Wondering why I am being so nice to the last group? Err..I am one among them :)]

There are a whole lot of things which people look into in a GD. Lots of things which we guys need to develop, according to whatever was taught in that class.

Language : A good vocab. No grammatical mistakes.
So next time you guys watch an English movie, do not turn off the volume coz while your eyes are busy raster scanning the TV screen, some words might, without your knowledge, get into your ears.

Clarity of thought.
Think before you speak rather than thinking why you just said that atrocious thing after you do so. Confusing? This is what happens if I start typing before I think. The effects are pretty similar when you speak.

Voice Modulation
Helps to stress your points. So, do not sound like Vici the Robot. Should come naturally though. It's not something that can be thrusted upon. If you try to force it, it may appear to the judge that you have skipped some daily routine due to lack of time. Lack of time - and there goes your management skills flushed down the drain!

Body Language
Just the ones to augment your thoughts. Not a must that every word should have an action associated with it. Remember, this is neither Dumb Charades nor the DD News for Deaf and Dumb.

Eye Contact
For a guy speaking to a girl, eye contact is very difficult for reasons best known to him. Guys would prefer "Physical Contact" rather than eye contact. Otherwise, eye contact is easy if you have the confidence and as long as it's not Vijaykanth you are looking at. It is ofcourse important to have an eye contact with everybody in the group. But make sure you don't look like you are seeing a Tennis match.

Leadership Qualities
You should be able to start off a discussion and motivate the others as well. The entire focus is going to be on you. So unless you are pretty sure of handling it, it's better to shut your traps and sit.

Low EQ
Less tension more work, more work less tension. You should not leave the others in a state of "Why blood? Same blood". You have to be calm and composed. Don't worry, you can always take care of the guy who offended you after the discussion is over.

These are usually the basics in a group discussion. However, being an Indian, no matter how much you try, you will find that the discussion is chaotic. Blame the genes.


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