Friday, January 21, 2005

Here we go again

Mumbai Express
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The politicians were probably waiting for somebody to pick on. It's poor Kamal Hassan yet again. A controversy over the title of his upcoming film - Mumbai Express. Thol Thirumalvalavan, the leader of Dalit Panthers of India, has warned the actor to change the name of his film. He has joined hands with Dr. Ramadas to protect Tamil. S.J.Suryah's BestFriend is also under the hammer.

What needs to be done first...

  • Dalit Panthers of India should called Indhiyaavin Dalith Siruththaigal (IDS)
  • Dr. Ramadas should be called Maruththuvar Ramadas.
  • Thol Thirumalvalavan should wear a dhothi and a kadhar shirt.
  • All Tamil channels should be given Tamil names - Suriya Tholaiktaachi, Suriya Seithigal etc etc.
  • All marketing in TamilNadu must only be in Tamil - Thummal (Hutch), Paalpannai Paal (Dairy Milk), Kaapi Dhinam (Coffee Day), Soaru Ulagam (Food World), Paaru Di (CD), Olli (Sony) etc.
  • All train names need to be changed - Attagaasa Thumbikkai Viraivu Rayil (GT Express), Nadu Nagaram (Inter City) etc etc.

Mumbai Viraivu Rayil or Mumbai Express, don't understand how it matters. What's in a name, they say. How wrong they were! The politicians have realised very well that picking on cinema actors and film titles is the best way to get free publicity.

Perhaps films should be named Aana, Aavanna, Eena, Eeanna...That way they will teach the public the basics of Tamizh Mozhi. Then, as time progresses, they can get to slightly complex titles like Amma, Appa, Thaatha, Paatti etc. After teaching the fundamental words, they can get to sentences like Amma Ingae Vaa, Eeyai Thoora Oattu, Dho Dho Naai Kutti etc. Finally they can make the people experts by giving titles from Thirukkural, Aathichuvadi etc. This seems to be the best scheme to propogate the beauty of Tamil in the simplest manner. The current generation will start learning the basics and after two generations Thamizh Thaai will be happy at the way things have progressed. In 2100 A.D., Thamizh thiraipadangal dialogues like, "Ayyo, amma ku phone pannaliye" will be replaced by, "Aiyyaho, en thaai udan tholaipesi-il uraiyaada maranthu potiyrey, naan en seivaen"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my opinion, you just need to educate yourself from the right source. Cinema is ofcourse influential, but more because of the visual effect. Vulgarity may be condemned as cultural degradation, but not movie titles (as long as it does not suggest anything cheap). English words have become more common among Tamil speaking people and I don't think the process is reversible. Picking on every single aspect of a popular movie makes it explicit that all this is just cheap publicity.

Nandri, Vanakkam :)

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