Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Have you been to Planet Yumm?

Updated :

It is always great to hangout at Elliots in the evening and finish it off with a nice hot Masala Dosa from Saravana Bhavan. Hot enough to burn your tongue, and at the same time burn a hole through your pocket. Nobody ever complains though, because you have hotter chicks around.

Chat from Gangotri, Pizzas from Dominos, Ice Creams from Milky Way, Beverages from Coffee Day and hot South India items from Saravan Bhavan..all under one roof. (Pervert, I was just talking about the food!) . It just caters perfectly to your needs, a great place to get together with friends. My trip to the Elliots Beach invariably ends at Planet Yumm. School mates, chat pals..I have had a great time there.

While we glut ourselves with the delicious food we get, have we ever thought about where it all comes from? Here is the secret recipe! :)

Well well well. So...have you been to Planet Yumm?


Guess none of you know what I am talking about coz the site is asking for login to access the archives! Your reactions, no wonder, surprised me! :)

I am pasting the first few lines here...
Food for Planet Yumm handled near a toilet at Central
CHENNAI: It’s not exactly unpalatable, but it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Food material brought for the high-end Planet Yumm Food Mall in the Central is handled near a public toilet. Sometimes workers unloading the stock place food-laden trays on the floor of the toilet for convenience.

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Hope you guys get it now! :)


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