Friday, February 11, 2005

Wow, what a man!!

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It was a celebration of sorts in college today, most probably the first of its kind. Just peer into that mobile phone in the photograph and you might understand what I am talking about. Yup, that's not the Serial Number of the phone, it's the life timer! 1000 hours. Repeat, 1000 hours. The man behind all this is my friend, Sudarshan, who you can see in the pic, sporting a new hair style! :)

Raghav, Vishnu, Shiva, Sanjay, Sunil, Prashanth, Shyam and myself chipped in for the event. We celebrated with a huge chocolate cake, two packets of potato chips and butter biscuits. Some cake was wasted on Ju's (as we call him) mottai mandai. But I did not bother much coz I was already full. I was happy to have skipped lunch! :)

[The photos taken during the event are in Sunil's super duper Nokia 6670 which unfortunately cannot be transferred to his dabba computer! Will post them if I get them soon enough]

Notorious for his usage of mobile phone, this feat was accomplished in just one and a half years. Smitten by friendship (as he would like to put it), he simply cannot survive without his mobile. It exists in just two states - busy or switched off due to low battery. And when sombody like ME is saying this, it just becomes more apparent as to how bad the situation is. If at all I am eligible to comment about another person's cell phone usage, it's gotta be this guy! :)

Look closely at his pic. I will not be surprised even if you find a cell phone shaped tan mark around both his ears. It's his earing aid of a different kind. Despite his addiction, it is indeed appreciable that he pays heed to his health. After news spread that cellphone radiations can cause brain damage, he did not seem to bother much. But when people started talking about impotency problems, he reacted promptly by buying a handsfree and keeping his phones far as far way from his genitals as possible. I am really happy that he has got his priorities right! :)

Though he stays pretty close to my place, I don't frequent it much. He doesn't like to be disturbed while talking. So even if I get to his place, I have to observe mouna vratham, maintain pin drop silence and even put my mobile in silent mode. We play dumb charades while he yaps away on the phone. I draw a square kinda thingy in air and stick my thumb out - means where is the book. He gestures to the shelf and gestures back to the gate - means take the book from the shelf and leave. So I usually ask him to bring whatever I need to college. Saves me a lot of humiliation.

Airtel, Hutch and Aircel have all been benifited. Not to mention the PCO booth where he resides when his cell phone charge drains out. Every month, he spends money more than what it cost Graham Bell to invent a telephone. Out of this he spends like Rs.10 for all his close friends - these people, me inclusive, pick up what was supposed to be a missed call. All by accident.

So all you need to find out the secret behind this thousand hours is an educated guess. I guess you are all educated enough to understand! :)

If at all the CEO of Nokia had any doubts about the longevity of its models, this will answer all of it. They may just need to concentrate a bit on the keypad I guess. It's kinda worn out right?

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