Thursday, July 07, 2005

Woohoo again!!

I never imagined I would be writing a sequel to this. Thanks to my classmate Prashanth, I get another small taste of fame :-)

Mock Interview is perhaps my most blessed blog, as it finds mention again in one of the dailies. Deccan Chronicle this time. What appeared in the paper was however a concise version of the original post due to a constraint on the number of words. So all that was written in my extra vettiness wasn't on the paper :-)

Prashanth took some blogs to the office and convinced the guys out there that this would work. Around six articles were selected to start off this column. So its thanks to him once again. The guys at Deccan Chronicle were pretty worried to mention the blog name, since they feared it would appear ripped off! They felt the author may sue them for using their articles or something. Why would I sue them for publishing my articles with my photo???? Crazy buggers! :-)

The Tuesday paper had one of Sangeeta's blogs and four others are due to come in the following days. Besides, the people at Deccan Chronicle wish to continue this column and have asked for more articles. So any good leisure read you find or any of your own articles which you feel are worthwhile can be mailed to him : Do take care not to exceed 250 words!

That is the pic which appeared in the paper. I term that as an appavi look, but Witchu always says thats a thiruttu muzhi! The halo was captured in the pic and I assure you, is no photoshop work :-D

Face is the index of mind. This is unfortunately the only proverb which suggests that I am a good boy. Bloody proverbs :-)

PS : This came at the right time helping a lazy bum update his blog! :-) Actually been busy preparing for my GRE. Thats on the 25th of July. That explains my absence in many of ur blogs! Sorry!! Will be back soon :-)


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