Thursday, March 10, 2005

Laughable Labs

Practicals can be gruelling at times especially because they serve as a true test to your knowledge. If you are really good at it, it's easy. If you really suck at it, it's easier. It's those in the middle category who end up suffering, those who are termed as sincere sigamani's. With their half baked knowledge and foolishly inquistive nature, in their quest to learn more, they end up burning the bread board or taking a deep breath to smell Ammonia and end up with an "Aiyayyo, maanam poachu" look on their face. For guys like me, it's just unlimited fun. Watching people around or doing some mischief yourself helps brighten boring labs.

Chemistry labs are the easiest to enjoy. Lab in-charges usuallu give a lecture about the do's and don'ts. Just do the don'ts and the lab is yours.

Most common practice is to empty all the chemicals at your place down the drain and fill the bottles up with pure water. Then inform your lab in-charge that you don't get the titration point. Sit back and watch the fun!

Silver Nitrate and Iodine solutions are supposed to be extra costly, so take more care to waste them. I assure you saddistic pleasure.

Also, if you find anybody in your lab with a super clean, sparkling white lab coat, walk up to him, pour a bottle of Pottasium Dichromate and ask "Surf excel hai na?". Or if a lab coat is extremenly clumsy, sick looking, walk up to him, pour a bottle of the same solution and say, "Ippovaathu thoachu thulai" Either ways, this is lots of fun.

In Physics lab, we play around with magnets. People work hard to determine the magnetic field of a bar magnet using that tiny compass given to them. We go near them and casually slip another magnet below their drawing board and they end up messing up the entire thingy :-)

Electronics lab is a bit too risky. Easy to mess up the wires and the IC. You may witness firecrackers at times or if you are stupid enough, you may end up having a hairstyle like Einstein. They'll also give you this graph plot the points and draw the graph. It's easier to draw the graph and then plot the points. That's the normal practice.

Games, matter videos etc are part and parcel of Computer Labs provided you get a suitable location. You can mock at ma'm too, like my friend did. There was this program to reverse a string and this is what he gave...

Output : MADAM DOG

Ma'm struck it off, but we had a great laugh :-)

You can also go around and switch off the computers when people don't notice it! My friend does this to me every lab, while I am busy chatting away with others. Damn him!

And I discovered this new method to have fun today. Tweaking around with passwords! Go around changing passwords of people and leave a note on their system! There was this friend of mine who had his password as "eternity", which I changed to "mannangatti" and created a file in his computer...

"note_to_mannangatti. I hereby inform you that your password has been changed from eternity to mannangatti. However, you will not be aware of this since to access this file you need to logon. Cheers :-)"

Such kutti kutti funs make lab interesting. Viva is funny too, but that'll be big enough for a seperate blog by itself. I'll blog about it sometime later. So, as of now, there were a few examples of how to make your lab intersting. All the best. Cheers :-)

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