Thursday, March 17, 2005

Cinema Cinema

This thingy is just an advertisement stuff. This is for those of you who are interested in short films and all those sort of artistic stuff, which guys wearing a pyjama and kurtha (jibba and jolna pai) are interested in.

Short films will be screened at SREE (Sathyam Cineplex) on the 20th of March at 9:30 a.m. This event, Reflections '05 is being conducted my college. People from different colleges around the city have submitted short films which I felt were pretty good.

Ok, so coming to the matter, those of you interested to attend will be needing special passes. All boys are requested to contact Prashanth @ 98841-71073 to get the passes. And all girls are requested to contact me . Kidding, gals call up the same number too . How I wish I could give my cell number, but celebs do need privacy, you see .

And yeah, I'll be there at the event too. My friend promised me a Black Forest cake, which I very much doubt I'll get. But he also did promise that gals would be in saree. I like such events you know, I have a good taste for art .

So just spread word if possible. Free passes to SREE where you'll have gals in saree. If you don't have your priorities right, am sure atleast your friend would. So just spread word


Curses often complains that I put up photos if I don't have anything to blog about. So I am doing this on purpose!

Chandramukhi stills are up at Sify. And this one is the seventh pic...

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