Saturday, March 12, 2005

Random Scribbles

First of all, it's viduthalai viduthalai viduthalai for me. No more stupid dialup. I have Data One and it rocks!!

The first thing I tried out was this 63 MB comedy clip which I found at Adengappa's blog. It took just around 20 minutes!!!

With download speeds of 30+ KBPS and unlimited download till June,I want to download SOMETHING! ANYTHING!! To be specific, can you guys suggest some sites for Videos (DivX or MPEG) download?? I mean full movies?? Free ones ofcourse! PLEASE!!

I also want to download some Crazy Mohan, S.Ve Shekar dramas. No, not coolgoose. It's too slow. Something else??

So, here is for Data One :


"Do you mind if I blogroll you?" I've been seeing this question pretty often in blogs I read. Now, who is gonna object if u are gonna put up a link in your site?? Loosa nee?? Mavaney, idhu maadhiri inimae evanaavathu kaeteenga, evana irundhaalum vettuvaen!!

Am going to lead by example now! I'll be blogrolling all of you guys who posted here, whose blogs I've visited. My Favourites thingy on my browser has become big enough that it's got a scroll at the bottom. So I've decided to have the entire list on my blog. If you have any objections, order order order, I overrule all of them! En blog, ippadi dhaan irukkum!! My blog will be like this!!

And with this Data One thingy, I'll be regular to other blogs too. Call this marketing strategy if you wish to, coz it is!


I accidentally stumbled upon this news bit. Am still looking for a Yahoo Smiley to express my feelings on this one!

Tamil Movie called Jolly Party directed by Gundu Kalyanam with Shakeela in a supporting role. Wait, I've got the smiley. Here it is -->

I know it is not correct to pass comments without knowing the other person and his skills fully. But tell me honestly, din you laugh?? Atleast bit your lips?? No??? Liar!

Ok, if you really wanna check out this movie, I guess it would be releasing in Parangi Malai Jothi theatre and Tambaram Anurag theatre in a few months. Watch it and prove me wrong!


I had to literally lift my vechicle to put it into the slot. Uyiru poiduchu! Am talking about parking my bike at Chennai Central's parking lot, you pervert! If ParleG ad maker had seen me, am sure I would have taken Shaktiman's place in his ad. Anyways, it is indeed a great task to find a proper parking space. On the way you have mini hills in the name of speed breakers as if one could clock 60KMPH in that rugged terrain. Looks like am talking about some hilly region. But u'll understand if you've been there.

I wonder how women would park their bike there? Am not mocking, ok, am serious. Paavam!

And just for the records, I clocked 80KMPH on my way home with my Honda Activa! Clap for me in the comments section, please please!


Currently am downloading loads of attachments sent by Thalaivar Jacky to my GMail. Ahem!

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