Sunday, March 20, 2005


That was a hectic week! Thanks to my Compiler Design programs. I hate that lab. I'd prefer to be even the most cursed person on the planet viz. Steve Bucknor. Saturday evening saw me beaming, I have two days off and I wished my friends "Happy Holidays" as I was glad that I could get some good sleeeeeeeeeeeep!!

I did get it, I slept for some 11 hours excluding my 2 hour sleep on the bench at college and my one hour sleep in the bus on my way back :-) So I could not go to Sathyam today and missed the gals in saree. Cha..what a sad :-(

After joining this damn college which is a good 40km away from my place, sitting pretty in Kancheepuram District, I've lost my sleep. I have to get up at 6:30 in the morning which I absolutely detest. I was this guy who had never seen a sunrise before that. Waking me up would is an ordeal to say the least.

When I was really really young I had this habit of bed-wetting. Now, don't laugh, that was when I was really small! Age will not be disclosed, bu trust me when I say small! If you are still laughing, sigh, be done with it before you read further! Infact I used to and tell my mom proudly that I do know when I am peeing coz "sooda irukkumae ma". She used to yell back saying, "Appo ezhunthu bathroom-la poi thulaikka vaendiyathu dhaaney". My reply would be,"pona appuram dhaan ma sooda irukkum, appo naan ezhundha height-laenthu bed-la vizhum, so innum deep-a penetrate aagidum, unakku clean panna kashtam, adhaan appadiye poiduvaen" Chinna vayasulaenthey romba intelligent pola naan :-) And ofcourse yeah, I shed that habit pretty soon!

And here is what my cousin did in his sleep. He wanted to go to the loo, so woke up, switched on the lights, peed in the bucket and washed his legs in the closet :-) What I did was much better right?

Yeah, getting back to me sleeping...Absolutely nothing would wake me up. Even during the earthquake it seems I was rolling from one side of the bed to the other but still sleeping! Just shows I do whatever I do with full commitment and involvement. My parents have tried out an array of techniques to try and get me out of the bed, but no matter what, I just don't budge.

My mom just used to yell, asking me to wake up. So it was pretty easy to be done with it and get back to sleep. Here are some of the exchanges...

Mom : Getting up late is bad for health.
Me : How is being deprived of sleep good for health?

Mom : Seekiram thoongu-nu evalo vatti solli irukkaen, night 12 ku padutha ippo eppadi muzhippu varum?
Me : Late-a paduthaen theriyuthu-la, thoonga vidaen.

Mom : Praveen, mani 10 aachu da.
Me : 11 aana sollu.

Mom : School poga vaenaama??
Me : Vaenaam!

Mom : 5 mins, 5mins nu solli 1 hr aachu da.
Me : 1 hr and 5mins aagattum vidaen.

Mom : Seekiram ezhunthu padikkaraen sonna nee.
Me : Seekiram ezhunthA padikkaraen-nu dhaan sonnaen!

Mom : Yaneda ippadi somberi-a irukka?
Me : Kandu pudikkara varaikkum thoongikkaraen.

Dad does not do any talking. Directly gets into acts to disturb my sleep. Everytime he passes by the bedroom he'd take care to drop a few drops of water in my ear. It sure is irritating, butI don't let sappa matters hamper my sleep. I'd put my head under the pillow and sleep. There are times he literally drenches my face with a handful of water. Inspite of beeing sleepy, I put things at my disposal to effective use. This time around, it's the bedsheet with which I wipe my face and get back to what I was doing, fresh! What else can a person do? He could possibly pour a bucketful of water. But is it worth to spoil the bed for me? Am glad he understood right.

He even used to switch off the fan to try and me up. But bless the person who invented two-way switches. The switch can be reached without much effort. I just roll in my sleep to the other side, switch it on and get back to business.

Nobody asks me to wake up these days. Thoongattum saniyan-nu holy water sprinkle panni vittutaanga pola :-)

Ironically, I don get enough sleep now! And now when mom tells me, "munna ellam nee bomb poatta kooda ezhuthukka maatta, ippo ellam thattinaalae muzhichukkara", I did not whether to feel happy or sad. Damn college!!

P.S. : The above write-up conveniently and purposely excludes the sleeping time during class hours. Cheers! :-)

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