Monday, March 14, 2005

Wishing Good Luck

Babes from Bollywood wished the Indian team good luck on the eve of the 2nd Test at Kolkatta. Captain Sourav Ganguly was present at the Agri Horticultural society of India along with prominent filmi celebs like 17 kisses queenMallika Sherawat, Pardes girl Mahima Choudhry and Sonali Bendre. He was not pleased by the proceedings though, since Nagma was nowhere to be seen.

After the event, the organizers arranged for a special programme in which the four celebs posed questions to each other concerning cricket and films. It was surprising to find them knowledgeable in each other's field. I managed to acquire exclusive rights for the transcript and am producing it below....

Sourav : Let's get to business directly, shall we, I don't have much time on hand.
Mallika : Busy preparing for the upcoming test is it?
Sourav : Absolutely. I don't want to take any chance in front of my home crowd. They are used to burning effigies. I hope they would stop with that coz life is such a wonderful thing and I have just seen around 30 years of it.
Mahima : What are you doing to avoid this?
Sourav : I have bought 500 effigies out of my own pocket and have placed them at various points in the stands. I request the people to use it.
Sonali : That's realy thoughtful of you Saurav. Tiger bisucits have helped you a great deal I guess.
Sourav : What do you think about cricket Mallika?
Mallika : I have been watching cricket ever since I was 6 years old. I was a fan of Yuvraj Singh then.
Sourav : Yuvraj Singh?? When you were six years old??
Mallika : Yeah, that sikh guy. He runs really fast on the field. They even have this bread company named after him you know.
Sourav : Modern Singh?...Spencer Singh?..Best Bakery Singh?...Gosh, I guess that's Milka Singh.
Mallika : Yeah, he. Isn't he just awesome?
Sourav : Yeah he is. Just that he doesn't play cricket.
Mahima : Pardon her ignorance Saurav.
Sourav : That's ok. Like-minded people always excite me.
Mahima : Have you seen films Saurav?
Sourav : Ofcourse I do. I last took one passport size at Netaji Studio for my 10th Standard boards.
Mahima : I am not talking about photo films or negatives here.
Sourav : Oh, I am sorry. You talking about cinemas?
Mahima : You have a good grasping power.
Sourav : Thank you. I love films. It has been my passion to direct a commercial film.
Sonali : Are you going to act in it Saurav?
Sourav : Ofcourse yes. Haven't you seen my Tiger Biscuit ads? People tell me I act very good.
Mahima : That was probably in comparison to your perfomance on field.
Mallika : But don't you think Milka Singh played really good for India?
Sonali : Mallika, I guess you are feeling very nervous here. Probably removing a layer of clothing would help you.
Sourav : I was wondering too, that would be better Mallika. *Looks around to check if Nagma is anywhere in the vicinty* Coast clear, yes Mallika, that would be better.
Sonali : Are you very strong square of the wicket?
Sourav : Very much. I hit shots with pin-point accuracy. Even if there is only one slip, I give the poor lad a chance to prove himself.
Sonali : You are often hailed as the best Captain in India. Your comments?
Sourav : After Vijaykanth, yeah.
Sonali : Ever considered writing an auto-biography Saurav?
Sourav : Nagma has been insisting that I write one. She has given her expert opinions on this too. We even have a title - "Short Ball, Shorter Saurav".
Mahima : We often hear people saying that you are incapable of playing the short ball.
Sourav : Pass.
Mallika : Hmm...Please Saurav, tell us.
Sourav : That is a grammatical mistake.
Sonali : What??!! What do you mean?
Sourav : Yes. How can I help it if short balls bounce as high as 6 foot? Aren't they supposed to live upto their name?
Sonali : What do you think a short ball is?
Sourav : *Saurav calls for his son* Pintoo yahaan aa jaao bete.
Sonali : Why are you calling him here?
Sourav : Yahaan dekho pintoo. Seedha kadey ho jaao. Haan, madam, short balls should be only this high.
Mallika : That's a brilliant explanation Saurav. You play much better cricket than Milka Singh. Ummmmmma.
Sourav : One down, 16 to go!
Mahima : You are out of your mind Mallika. Something is disturbing you dear.
Mallika : This thing, this dress. It's very sultry.
Mahima : You are already in two piece Mallika!
Sonali : Mallika, do you have anything to ask Saurav?
Mallika : Yes, yes. Cricket is played with bat and ball right?
Sourav : Perfect.
Mallika : How is it any different from......
Mahima : Mallika!!
Mallika : ....I mean why do you have 11 per side and two umpires ....
Mahima : NO!
Mallika : tell you when you are out, don't you.....
Mahima : Quick, somebody help.

*Krishnamachari Srikkanth comes to the help*

Srikkanth : Arey madam, usko chod dheejiye. Woh sirf apney natural form mein hain. Natural game khelna bahuth important hain. Agar woh natural game khelega tho Bharath maatha jeethega. Or else haar jaayega. Yeh tho bilkul sahi jawaab hai. Mein kishnamachaari srikkanth bol raha hoon natural game ki alawa aur kuch khelega tho uska halwa hi milega. Kuch kuch hotha hain. Hum aapke hai kaun madam?

So, now you guys know why news did not spread about this incident. As visitors to my blog, you guys had the opporunity to know about it. Spread word and let more people know. And lets wish our players good luck in the next test. Cheers :-)

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