Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bloggers Meet etc etc

There is another bloggers meet coming up this weekend.Details have already been put up here, here and here.

April 9, Saturday, 5 P.M. @ St. Thomas Mount

Landmarks : Opposite St. Dominics School. Near Halt 'n' Shop shopping complex.

Everybody is invited!!


My feet are currently itching really badly in this little place which is supposedly a browsing center. Thanks to mosquitoes. *itch* Everything here is high funda. The monitor I am staring into is some Mazellan brand bought @ an MNC called Vel Computers. *itch* I never knew Amkette made mouses until I took a look below my palm. *itch* It's a multi-coloured piece manufactured in Andhra most probably. *itch* The cabinet is an open-air model. *itch* So you guys can understand why I am not on your blogs :-(


This guy is probably the next lucky one. I have always wanted to be James Bond myself. I love the detective work, the girls, the new places, the girls, the freaky gadgets, the girls and ofcourse the girls. Sigh!! :-)


Just two more model exams and I have study holidays in which I do everything else other than studying. Looking forward to it!!
Ok, I am done with this quick post. Tata, bye bye :-)

Update : It is raining in Chennai!! One thing which I wonder is how all girls look beautiful in rainy seasons! Minus the fact that most of them are wet :-) Sondha beauty illatiyum indha maadhiri samayathula natural beauty thookkuthu pa!! Has anybody else experienced this? Why does this happen? :-D (Naalaikku model exam vechukittu..hmm...keenjuthu!)


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