Friday, March 25, 2005

Scribbling Again

Good Friday has been really dull. So don't blame me if this posts lacks the usual ingredients! I was totally jobless and sat online practically the whole day, tweaking around with stuff on my blog. Ok ok, illati enna kizhichiruppa-nu kaekkatheenga, that question is prohibited :-)

So, first of all there is this new look blogroll with different nicks for some people, my favourite on the list being Nutcase Magix and Nutcase Curses (that's how he describes himself in his blog!) and Samosa Shyam. I don't know if these guys are fuming, but I have been laughing every time I see those nicks :-) So go through your nicks too and tell me if you have any problems with it! I can't assure you I'll change it, but atleast ippadi ellam sonna you guys will comment-la, adhaan extra fitting vittaen :-)

One person who is going to be hugely benifited by this blogroll is Visithra, coz this one is sorted based on the most recent updated basis. I update my blog once in 2 days and she does it 20 times in two days. So you know who is going to be on top! :-)

And my visitor count has been rocking today for some unknown reason! 200 in a day, this is the first time. I'll give the benifit of the doubt to Ramya. Ungalukku naalaikku molagai bajji vaangi tharaen madam :-)


After tremendous pressure from mom, I finally had to go a temple today. It seems I would study well if I worshipped the Hayagrivar over there. Hmm...avarukku padippu pogama irundha seri!

My friends used to go the temple every Thursday. Wondering how I have such pious friends? They do pray and stuff and then come back next day to tell me that there was this super "figure" in the temple! Ippadi kovil pogarthukku moodittu veetlaye irukkalam! Adhuvum enga poranga? Katta brahmachari Aanjaneyar kovil-ku. Gathai-aala mandai-laye poduvaar-nu thonum!

Naan evalo nalla payyan-nu enga amma-ku eppo dhaan theriya pogutho!


Then I came across this article while browsing. Third standard girl being sexually harassed. Have seen articles saying UKG gals have been "raped". I have just one doubt...If he is so desperate, why doesn't he use a plug point?


Ramarajan and Rajkiran fans beware. Your man now has stiff competition from none other than Thangar Bachan! I am sure Thangar Bachan would be blessed by all mothers in the world. Their kids would now eat well, poochandi-nu solli bayamuruthartha vida, kaamchu bayamuruthina effect jaasthi! Visuals always have an effect and I am sure Thankar Bachan would do his part. Aiyyo karmam da saami, ivanunga ellam hero-na appuram heroes-a ellam enna solla? Idhukku naaney nadippaen, yaaravathu sponsor pannungappa enakku :-)


Due to public demand (2-3 people dhaan, but idhu ellam kandukka pdaathu!) I shall write Part 2 of Rejection Dejection. But first all of you get back to office on Monday. Ellarum weekend enjoy pannitu veetla irundha how will I get comments! :P

Looking forward to the bloggers meet tommorow. I will be totally lost there, dunno many people. But even I know, me no talk, very silent boy, chamathu naan :-)


Will end this post with a senti quote relating to my mood today....

"If you love something let it go free. If it doesn't come back, you never had it. If it comes back, love it forever."

Over-a think panna vaendaam-nu people are requested! Cheers :-)


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