Sunday, March 27, 2005

Chennai Bloggers Meet

Venue : Elliots Beach. Precisely, here.
Time : 6.30 P.M.

Attended By . . . .
My first bloggers meet and I usually dread my first times, except for err.. you-know-what! The last time I was in such a gathering was a year and a half back - the first TFMPage buddies meet. It was a lot better then coz I knew everybody and had a mental picture of each. But here, my mind I was as blank as Laloo's. I hate this comparison, but I couldn't think of anything worse.At around 4:00 P.M.

I got a call from S.K. asking me for directions to Beasant Nagar beach. I was extremely glad that he hadn't called up Curses. He is one person who has an excellent sense of direction. He knows everything about places within the 10m radius from his house. If you ask him about the War Memorial, he would promptly reply that ought to be in the Kargil region. According to him, they killed Veerappan in some "Wood"lands. He can get to school without getting lost. Even if he gets lost, he' d just need a stone to trip and fall into his house. I still remember going with him on my scooty to Thiruvanmiyur Beach asking him for directions. Being a perfectionist, he would tell me that I need to take a turn only when am exactly at the mid point of that road. And you know what? I had to take U-turns with my Scooty to actually get to the beach. So I was really really really really glad that S.K. had taken the right decision. Since he did not turn up for the meet, I am wondering if I guided him the wrong way..hehe :-)

I started from my house at aroun 5:40 P.M. Though the meet was at 6:30, we TFMPage buddies - Ferrari, Curses and myself decided to meet a little earlier for some important "sarakku" exchange. I picked up Curses on my way and was a bit late. As we entered the Planet Yumm parking lot, I saw a couple of girls in T-Shirt and jean. Ok, Ferrari must be somewhere nearby, I thought to myself. But I was wrong. The man had gone inside, there were prettier one's inside, made sense. Curses and myself went inside Planet Yumm with great expectations, we wanted the "sarakku" very badly. Before you all start wondering what this "sarakku" is all about... Ferrero Rocher (not sure about the spelling, but does it matter?!) chocolates from Thailand!! Yummy!

The first thing I spotted was a green "GRT Bag" beside Ferrari and started laughing. I asked him, "ennathu idhu?? Chocolates-ku indha bag-a? Yaen manja pai kidaikkaliya?" Again, that doesn't matter! After Ferrari was done with his Sambhar Vadai, f0r which he paid 42paise tax, the most expected "sarakku" was kept on the table. It was within arm's reach!! Both of us took one each and thrusted it into our mouth. I was right when I said yummy!

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As we were whiling away our time, Nirenjan called up. And Curses, obediently stood up and answered his call. "Dei phone panninathukku edhukku da ezhunthukkara?", I asked him. He replied, "Adhaaney!" Ferrari thrusted the chocolates back into his GRT Bag and proceeded towards the loo. "Give that Ferrari, why do you want to take it along? Are you Kiruba Shankar or what?", I asked. So he gave it to me and went on with his "work". Curses and myself decided to wait outside. As I was walking outside I really wished I had not asked Ferrari that question coz that was the first time I was carrying a GRT bag. FIRST TIMES are always dreadul as I said! I handed it over to him as soon as he stepped outside!

We were then walking towards the exact meet venue. Nirenjan and Vijay were waiting for us. Shook hands. Ferrari noted that there was really a couple at the place marked by the "ambu kuri", the arrow. Just then Nirenjan got a call from Karthik who said he was coming along with his friend, Joshi. Before we sat down, we were on the lookout for these two people. They came soon. I saw Karthik eating kadalai. I just took a wild guess about his character. He proved later that I was absolutely right with the my judgement, nalla kadalai podaraar, Karthik 'girls' Kannan. His friend seemed to be pretty shy, boy was I glad! It may sound odd that I am happy when I find somebody shy coming for a meet. If you want to know more, ask Curses, he'll share my feelings :-) There was a small photo session before we could settle down comfortably. I did not use my cam much during the event. Karthik took snaps with his mobile cam. Ferrari said he would take a long shot covering us and all the couples in the background. He walked, walked and walked. I was wondering if something angered him and he was leaving home. "Kaasi yaathrai" maadhiri ponaaru. I was glad when he finally stopped. Seri Salangai Oli-la vara maadhiri dhaan vara poguthu photo-nu nenachaen. He clicked twice and walked back to us in exactly 12 minutes and 23 seconds. We saw the pic on his cam. "Put it up with the same red arrow, people need to know where we are", I said. Probably those artistic dudes out there can appreciate it. Check them out on his blog!

Ferrari's mobile beeped. It was Uma asking about the progress of the meet. This was however not disclosed to Karthik 'girls' Kannan for obvious reasons. We then decided that every place on the beach was equally dirty and so we could rather settle down here. Two Penny and Pleomorphous joined us soon. Pretty decent crowd and still a few more to come. Karthik, understandably so, was disappointed that it was yet another all guys meet. He recalled another bloggers meet he attended. He was no different then. Karthik asks, "Where are the girls?" This was published in the newspaper by a journo who attended the meet :-)

Guys seemed pretty silent and it was decided to get some controversial topic going. And so we started talking about a controversial video. 3 mins some said, 22 mins others disagreed. *Naatukku romba mukkiyam* "She looks like her". "Why, is she bathing?" Such wonderful discussions went on! It was just a short topic, people had assessed it thoroughly I guess.

Karthik opened up to talk about the disadvantages of blogging under you original name, especially if you let out the name of your company coz you'd risk losing your job. Some people agreed and some had nothing to say. Curses and myself were obviously in the second group. Karthik also went on to say that cyber police are now looking into blogs to spot obscene/offending content. During the course of all this Vijay was enjoying his Pani Puri.

Murali joined us. I had imagined him to be a tiny guy, but I nearly fell as I raised my head higher and higher to see his face. Decided it was wiser to wait until he sits down. He was wearing a Ferrari cap that was Robin Liquid Blue colour and had Ferrari written upside down. Dei, Pondy Bazaar dhaaney? :-) This was when we got the first phone call coming in. It was Sophia who wanted to talk to Murali. She wanted us to shout a HI. Everybody shouted, except for you-know-who. I said a hi in normal tone and am not sure if Curses even did that. *Pesa sonna kaathu dhaan varuthu, kaththa sonna pesaraen, karmam da* Karthik then spoke to Sophia for a few minutes. Next to call was Sangeeta. We followed the tradition. People shouted a HI yet again while I said that to myself and then Karthik spoke for a few minutes. He seemed to be enjoying this little tradition, suited him fine :-)

Ravages joined us next. He started off with the traditional question : Why did you start blogging? This was the first question posed in every bloggers meet. People start off by talking about their blogs and finally giving their URL, good way to publicise your blog! I learned from Curses that Ferrari was not a blogger during the last bloggers meet and so he gave his URL as "" :-) Anyways, getting back... Vijay was making a note of URLs and mail ids so that he could mail the details to us. Hopefully he decides his URL before he mails it to us. He's got a dozen blogs! Mohit then talked about his blog, the millionth monkey, and how people tear each other apart in his space.

Meanwhile we had messages from Lean Dude that he was on his way to the meet. We heard from Ramya that she was on her way too.

People then shared what each one would not blog about. Many decided to leave sensitive office issues out of their blogs. Ferrari would not blog about sex. *I know why, your brother reads your blogs, right Ferrari?* Curses said he had already blogged about what he wouldn't, his class gals! I believed I had no restrictions since all of mine were just for fun.Lean Dude joined us now. And there was a small intro session again. Ferrari and I have always wondered how he got 80 comments for the two lines he posted, 75 of which were hugs and kisses! Ferrari asked him about it. This lead to a discussion about blogging strategies - Post comments in your own blog under different names and create controversies. Two Penny gave us an idea too - creating some ten blogs each of which has a link to your main blog. Since sex was the most searched keyword on the net, he said bloggin about ahem ahem stuffs would increase traffic. I was wondering was this Ron Jeremy in disguise?!! Arvind mentioned how a Google search for Kangaroo Sex leads people to his site :-) Ferrari had experienced something similar too. Google search for "Trisha Kuli Scene" leads people to his site :-)We clicked photos every now and then. There were people who were the "enakku publicity liking-ey illa" kind ala Kamal in PKS. And there was Mohit, I noticed, always sticked up his little finger in photographs. Too bad, we din notice, he was trying desperately to convey something I guess :-)

Arvind made Two Penny understand who Captain Vijaykant was and spoke a bit about his movies when Ferrari commented that he was a Captain fan.While all this happened, I was looking at people as though I was in a tennis match. Stopped to look at Curses. He was playing with the flashlight in his 1100. We were laughing to ourselves about all that was going on. Both of us had our lips SEALED and that's an understatement. He was sitting next to me and we passed comments to each other through SMS! :-) I gave him the cam and asked him to take a few snaps. This was when Ramya Kannan called up and we all started walking towards Baskin Robbins where she was waiting.

While we walked, we split into smaller groups and we were relieved!! Ferrari, Curses, Murali and myself were having a small discussion and I was a lot comfortable to get back to talking, and that too in Tamil!! I usually prefer not to speak in English, saniyan, enakku Peter vidarthu pidikkathu!!We had this little intro session again after which Karthik, Vijay and Joshi left. The rest of us proceeded to the Bajji shop with Ramya. It was bit awkward to sit on the chair, it just kept sinking into the sand! We ordered for some Bajji's and I opened my mouth wide!

Curses must have found it really embarassing when people literally clapped for every word he spoke..hehe. That's the price you pay for popularity! :-) One of the reasons he did not open his mouth was that he was busy messaging his friend, a girl..a girl friend that is. Not many knew it, but they guessed it right ;-) And he was totally damaged when Vijay sent him a messages saying, "There is this this waiter in a hotel here who looks exactly like you"!! :-))

We decided to leave after the Bajji session and I said bye to a few of the guys there :-D

Now it was back to "sarakku" time. The green GRT bag was still there and so was the Ferrero Rocher. We opened the box and gobbled down a few more chocolates. Ramya took a few with her. But she was pretty slow. She was biting it, but we gobbled it! Ferrari did not want chocolates though. He was looking for dates, paerchambazham, but Ramya was smart enough to not come in her scooty! After saying tata bye bye to Ramya, we guys decided to have dinner at Planet Yumm. Curses said he'll treat us. On our way to Planet Yumm, there were two cute girls with with a dog. While Ferrari and myself were busy seeing the girls, Curses was staring at the dog! Doggie!

So there we were... We had a drink, Mountain Dew I mean. Then Curses and myself ordered Special Masala Dosa. We seriously did not know what was special about it, just the name and that it costed 3 bucks extra! Ferrari and myself checked out Curses' mobile. Hmm.. what do I say.. messages like "Thinking of you", "Missing you", "We two ours one" etc etc occupied his inbox completely! Payyan pora route maari poachu!!

That was the end of the day. Ferrari went home and I dropped Curses home, where we split the last 4 pieces of Ferrero Rocher :-)

P.S. : Sorry about such a huge summary!

Summary In Tamil

Cheers :-)


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