Monday, April 04, 2005

Dupatta Dupatta

"Dupatta dupatta, un kannathula appatta", Sathyraj sings in Maha Nadigan. I get the same feeling too. According to me, dupattas serve some purpose and they are not for fashion. If you are going to disagree with this, directly read the disclaimer, abuse me in the Comments' box and get out!

First let us analyse the different ways of wearing a dupatta...

A formal, pleeted, V-shaped manner i.e the way guys hate. This is the best way to force guys to maintain good eye-contact. Wearing dupattas like a garland also brings about similar results.

As a slight variation of the above method, girls also wear it without pleets. This is the Mandira Bedi technique of covering oneself up. She had a deep...i mean impact on the viewers. Technique to be follwed if you know zilch about what you are talking. The listener turns deaf.

Wearing it around the neck, one of the most common methods which girls prefer. Guys like to see gals this way too :-) A variation of this would be to wear it the way watchmen of Ooty Estate Bungalows (as shown by Kollywood) do so. Just the monkey cap is missing.

I have a doubt here. Usually girls from this part of the world believe that having long hair is really irritating in the stupid hot climate coz it would cause them to sweat a lot behind the neck. Given this, does wearing dupatta around the neck generate, by some sort of aerodynamics, a gentle breeze to combat the humidity?

Some girls tie it around their waist at times, like when they want to play. The "Vanthaenda Paalkaaran" style. No comments about this one.

And ofcourse, a dupatta may be used to cover the face too. May sound stupid but this is highly useful stuff. Used by girls especially when they are on their boyfriend's bike to conceal their identity since there is a high risk of being spotted by some family member, or still worser, the guy who took her out yesterday. The other place this method is widely prevelant is in yezhavu houses.

Ok, coming to the point..where a girl wears her dupatta is absolutely left to her discretion, there can be no second opinions about this one. What one wears is entirely their wish. But when one decides to wear it the way guys like(!), then learn to live with certain inevitable things and stop whining!

A common question asked, "Chi neenga ellam akka thangachi-oda pirakkaliya?" (This is one of the few sentences girls speak properly in Tamil). Ok, we have sisters, but in what way would they be special if we treat everybody as our sisters??! The word 'machi' would lose its wonderful significance! Who can we marry then?? We are not saints! Naanga enna mutrum thurantha munivar-a? Even Vishwamithrar was disturbed during his tapas! Me afterall chota bacha :-)

Friends and relatives are always special. But road-la porava, road-la porava dhaan, site dhaan adippaen! As Bala Gangadhar Tilak said, this is my birth right :-) I don't think this is anywhere near perversion.

Now people just answer these questions for me....

What is the purpose of a dupatta? Is it just for fashion? :-)

Disclaimer : This is by no means a generalisation. Just talking what I observed in a few girls. I am not talking about all the other Mahalakshmi's, Paradevadhai's and Annapoorani's! All girls who still wish to behead me, I am really sorry, wear it around your neck, I will not complain, promise :-)

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