Friday, April 01, 2005

Revolutionary Changes

The BCCI has brought about some revolutionary changes to improve India's perfomance. Firstly, Ganguly is being given immense
training to perform well in the match. They have also given him a new, broader bat so that he can play his strokes with ease. Moreover, they have also requested the Pakistani's to bowl with a new ball designed exclusively for Ganguly. If Ganguly fails to perform inspite of all these changes Indian team will have a captain

They are also trying to help out Laxman with his footwork by designing exclusive shoes for him. Another item in Laxman's kit would give him the feeling that he is always playing against Australia and help him play with conidence.

The Government introduces VAT from today. The traders happily welcomed VAT after "fully" understanding what it is.

And after reading this, the USA Government has finally issed visa to Narendra Modi.

Happy April 1. Cheers :-)


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