Monday, July 25, 2005

Am soooooo happy!!! :-)

Completed the stupid, bloody, nonsensical, naasama pona, yezhavu edutha GRE exam succesfully!

My score may not be one of the top scores but this is all I was praying for...a 600 in verbals with my inglipis knowledge seemed very distant especially I started mugging up the Barrons 3500 word list on June 25, 2005 And now here I am, rejoicing!


Quants : 800

Verbal : 590

For the GRE illilterates, the total is out of 1600 divided equally between quants and verbal :-)

And just when I started typing all this out, got another news.....Semester 6..

*drumrolls* (over-a drums adikkarthukku saari!)

82% :-)

Thats the highest in six semesters I have got!

Thanks for all your prayers! Especially the official prayer club and the oththu oothara prayer club :-)

It has been quite a long time since I smiled after I got my results. That was way back in 10th std!! An soooooooo happy!!! :-)

But, I don't wish to go abroad. This was just a backup. So CAT, here I come!! :-)

P.S. : For English pulavars like Curses and Kiki, GRE is THE exam. Neenga ellam firstu India-va vittu veliya ponga :-)

P.P.S. : All fellow U.S. bloggers and buddies, now starts your bad time. I need your mail ids :-)


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