Thursday, August 25, 2005

'Just is' ASAP

Aug 25th, 1973
A man files a case in a court accusing a shampoo company's product being excessively harsh on the hair thereby causing greying.

October 11, 2004
The judge hears the case and takes the mans look at the man's mandai which now resembles something close to reflectors on ECR due to excessive vacant space. He charges the man of lying and wasting the court's time, imposes a Rs. 1000 fine and dismisses the case. Not to mention, the shampoo company closed down a decade ago.

This court-ku one Gandhi photo, one blindfolded, saanja tharaasu needhi devadhai and 10 chairsu.

The incident, though entirely cooked up, is not a lot different from what happened recently. More than a year has passed since the release of S.J. Surya's NEW. Those of you who haven't seen it, please do check it out. The film completely lives up to its name by illustrating how a horrible movie can be made using a 'new' approach. If you manage to sit through the film, then I bet you are in there to watch Kiran!

Recently, this film was banned and its certification cancelled stating that it was excessively vulgar. All this one complete year after the film was released. Idhukku maela padatha ban panna enna pannatti enna? Loosa avanga?? This speed of operation surprises me.

I wouldn't at all be surprised if I read the follwing news items tommorow . . .

Thyagaraja Bagavadhar film Sri Valli banned
A local court today banned the 302 B.C. Bhagavadhar film because he sings "Meyaatha Maan" without a shirt which is corrupting corrupted the mind of T.R.Rajakumari. The film shall henceforth not be played on any of the channels. KTV which has bought the rights for this film and many other such latest films might be badly hit by this decision.

Permission to launch INSAT 1A denied
The Supreme Court has issued a stay that denies permission to launch the INSAT 1A after evidence produced by Nambungal Narayanan clearly indicated that its spelling is numerologically incorrect. This spelling is believed to adversely affect the the positon of planets in the solar system. If the launch is made under this name there are high chances that Pluto does a high jump to pass earth. Also, it is believed that the position of the fuel tank is not according to Vasthu norms.

Tsunami Banned
The Tsunami which caused the loss of thousands of lives in Tamil Nadu has been banned all over India. The court pointed out that since this was its first visit to India, it has been forgiven under section IPC 12B, Vadapalani to Foreshore Estate. The court also stipulated a norm that incase of a friendly visit, their height should not exceed 1 ft. Captain Vijaykanth has been included in the BSF and he now shoulders the extra responsibility of diverting them to Pakistan dheeviravaadhigal in case of emergency.

Disclaimer : The above events are purely fictional.

P.S. : All the fictional events state the facts :-)

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