Monday, August 29, 2005

Mummy, Daddy, Help me . . .

There are certain things in life that leave you in a dilemma. Things that you don't know whether to smile at or be upset about. Things that are not in a definitive sense good or bad. Things that you wish you'd never confront. Things that leave you with complex reactions and disarrayed emotions, making all that's around you look alien. None of this happened to me

My literary prowess does not permit me to exaggerate any further, you guys are lucky in that aspect :-)

Coming to the point before you guys hit Alt+F4, I have a really really serious problem on my hands. Something as serious as what actress Namitha did to celebrate her doggie's birthday or how Mandira Bedi managed to keep her blouse intact during Extra Innings. "Where was the blouse?", you may ask. But close investigations by the CBI revealed its presence, unfortunately. I envy the CBI jobs, gotta be lotsa fun!!

I've still haven't come to the point, have I? Yeah so it's about my blogs being forwarded. I've got a copy of the Mock Interview as an email forward in my college Yahoo Groups. I remember Anti saying once that he got the Saniyan series as a forward. Another friend of mine said this was being circulated in his office. Today, it was Nirenjan who said he recieved this.

That does make me happy a great deal. I'd just be happier if due credit is given. A link to this blog, is all that I ask for. Illaena Google Ads-a amukittu ponga punyama pogum

This blog is ofcourse copyrighted and guarded by strict federal laws that are non-existant in India :-)

So those of you who forward, please do provide a link back to this space.

DO NOT IGNORE THIS. Last week my friend ignored what I said and in five mins he had a crow shit on his head. So save your heads now!! Forward this to everybody you know and enjoy the following benefits . . . .

30+ forwards : You will no longer get caught by your boss while reading blogs or while kadalai poattufying with the figure/AanSingam in the next cubicle.

25+ forwards : Guys, your best friend will bring home matter CDs from France. Girls, the guy who u love will stop watching matter movies.

20+ forwards : You will meet the love of your life in the next one hour. Please stay away from IITs and roam near Satyam Theater/Beasant Nagar beach for blissful results.

15+ forwards : You will get married in exactly one year from today. If not, please send this mail again to more people next time around.

10+ forwards : You will go on a dream date!! (remember to sleep well)

1-10 forwards : Guys, you will get a chance to take a figure for a ride on your bike. Girls, face the other side when the guy takes you on his bike.

0 forwards : Guys, you will be slippered by a girl. The effects will be severe since the slippers usually are armed with 1 foot tall wooden pieces. Girls, you will lose the guy whom u put bracket and were karanthufying money.

P.S. : That's a tailor made forward for all you "forwarders" and the "forwardees" who shall become "forwarders"

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