Monday, April 11, 2005


My bloody Google ad!! It's called Google Ad Sense. The problem is that is just too sensible!!

I blogged about Dupattas alright. But this makes me look like a worker in Naidu Hall! Pure cotton sarees, silk saress, shipped withbslouse underskirt, free sarees, salwar kameez, saree petticoats in all colours!! Petticoat-la enna ya colour-u?!!

Brought to you in association with...
Jacky : SRM-la padichuttu selling petticoats-a?
Curses : oru vaarama ur google ads showing "saree petticoat"
Uma : Plugu, inimael yoschu blog sei
Ferrari : Next Naidu hall ad dhaan!!

Adhu ellam feedback! :-)

Ivalo paeru eduthu solreengaley, evanaachum adha oru amukku amukkineengala? Paavingala! :-)

I talked about Pamela, Britney and J Lo in my next blog. But it's still not bring recognised!! All men watch out for nice links :-D

Hey Google, get this clear. Here are some Googlatives or whatever you want to call it. Hollywood, Oscar, Ferrari, Schumacher, Cricket, Sachin, Cinema, Golden Globe, Nikon, Intel, Computers, Vitamins, Greeting Cards, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Tourism, Holidays, Basket Ball, Base Ball. Got it? You better change my ads soon!!

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