Monday, August 15, 2005

Why? Why?? Why???

Surprising how a little break from blogging is hindering my thought process. I want to write, but I end up blank not knowing what to write and how to write. Looks like I have to turn a new leaf. I've been desperately trying to do so by figuring out a new template, but I reach something as stale as a topless Salman (may sound feminine, but I like to put it this way..). Guess you guys have to strain your eyes a little longer :-)

Without wasting much time, let me delve straight into the topic. At 00:00 hrs Aug 15, 1947, the whole of India was awake to smell the air of freedom. But for those who were awake at 00:00 hrs Aug 15, 2005, the television had just a couple of Shakeela movies to offer. Though that was an exaggeration, the actual scenario was not any better. The "special" programmes on TV sparsely talked about the values of freedom.

The best of the lot was "Actress Namitha", aired on KTV. Namitha and freedom can be a part of the same sentence only if it speaks about her dresses. Pondy Bazar platform-la vaangina 6 bommai poatta kerchieves are all she uses to cover herself up. I never bothered watching the programme, but I am sure it would have featured a couple of her dance numbers with Sharath Kumar, talked about her childhood, elaborated about her illustrious film career including her latest film which was released in Jothi theater and talked about what she would have been if she had not come to the cinema field. Sneha, Jayam Ravi, Vikram, Sandhya, Arya, Srikanth, Sonia Agarwal etc were the others who shared such exciting details about their careers. Lets see a few samples...I interrupt all questions with my words of wisdom

Interviewer : How was your childhood?
Me : Childhood childish-a dhaan irukkum, enna yezhavu kelvi idhu?!
Actress : When I was young, enku I loved Quantum Physics. I was really uncertain about this Heisenberg's principle though.
Me : Heisenberg himself was uncertain!

Interviewer : Has acting always been your passion?
Me : Yaen illa-na sonna kalari vida poriya??
Actor : Absolutely. I used to get inspired by the likes of Marlon Brando. Watching his films on home DVD was my favourite pastime during childhood.
Me : Home DVD 30 years ago? Appo unakku home-ey illa, idhula DVD vaeraya?

Interviewer : Hey can u sing a few lines for us?
Me : Kelambitaangayya kelambitaanayya!
Actress : Yaetho oru pattu en kaathil kaekkum....
Me : En kaathil eeyatha kaachi oothina maadhiri irukku!

Interviewer : What would you like to tell our viewers on this day?
Me : Independence day adhuvuma Shakeela padam paarka solli advice-a pannuvaanga?
Actor : Wish u all a Happy Independence Day.

Half of the day is filled with such enlightening interviews with actors, actresses, directors, producers, loghtboys, trolleyman, camera lens cleaners etc etc from the cine industry sharing their experiences with us and finally wishing us all a Happy Independence Day. The remnant time is filled with some "india tholaikatchigalil mudhal muraiyaaga" movie which has absolutely no relevance to the occassion it is being aired.

At this rate, we would witness something similar to the following in the near future...

"Gandhi Jayanthi-ai munneettu....India tholai katchigalil mudhal muraiyaaga....Thulluvatho Ilamai"

If Gandhi had been alive, he would have shot himself after mouthing an expletive.

I am not advocating an entirely freedom struggle oriented special telecast on any channel with all the freedom fighters speaking with their Congress thoppi about independence. I myself will change the channel! Television is afterall for business and things are bound to be entertainment oriented. But I fail to see the reason that even a flag hoisting ceremony done by Vikram? Why can't the channels survive without cinema? Can't two hours be dedicated to something related to the event out of the 16 hour line up? How does it concern me whether Trisha brushes her teeth or not?!

I am not blaming all the channels though. Vijay and Raj TV usually have atleast something related to the event, which I find really healthy. It would just be nice if all the channels have something of this sort. I am not basically into TV viewing. It's hopeless in its own special ways. Atleast for those who watch it, I sincerely hope they get something right into their head.

Happy Independence Day! :-)

Next Independence Day-la atleast I wish they show a Captain movie. Message illatiyum sandhoshama sirippaen

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